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7F16: Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
SEASON TWO :: 10 Quotes
Abe: Pull your chair closer my son...
Homer: What is it, dad?
Abe: Pe-yew! Not that close!
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McBain: Right now I'm thinking about holding another meeting... in beeeed...
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Mother Simpson: Abe.. I want Homer to grow up respecting his father, he must never know about that carnival incident!
Abe: Okay
Mother Simpson: Promise you wont tell him
Abe: I promise...
Abe: Whoops! Forget what I just told you
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Bart: So, any idea where this bastard lives?
Homer: Bart!
Bart: Well his parents aren't married are they? It's the correct word isn't it?
Homer: I guess he's got us there
Bart: Bastard Bastard, Bastard Bastard, Bastard Bastard.
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Bart and Lisa do there 'are we there yet' thing
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Herb: Homer!?
Homer: Herb!?
Homer/Herb: You look just like...
Homer: Except you've got a little more / Herb: ... a little less
Homer: And a little less / Herb: And a little more
Homer/Herb: God I feel so......
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Herb: Homer, you're the richest man I know...
Homer: I feel the same about you!
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Herb: So, Marge... a little about yourself?
Marge: Oh, well... I met Homer in high school, we got married and had three beautiful children!
Herb: Wow! We have so much catching up to do
Marge: Um, actually, I just told you pretty much everything
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Herb: I want you, to help me design a car! A car for all the Homer Simpsons out there! And I wanna pay you 200 thousand dollars a year!
Homer: And I wanna let you!
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Homer: You know that little ball you put on your arial so you can find your car in a parking lot? That should be on every car!
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