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7F15: Principal Charming
SEASON TWO :: 7 Quotes
Hans Moleman: F... L... oh no I'm sorry thats a 'C' isn't it...
Selma: If that were an oncoming vehicle you'd be dead by now, NEXT
Hans Moleman: But driving is my livelyhood!
Selma: Aaah, take it like a man!
charming1.mp3    90kb
The relaxing sound of Patty snoring.....
charming2.mp3    31kb
Marge: You WILL find her a man!
Homer: Oh alright
Marge: And not just any man... he should be honest... and.. and caring.... and well off.... and pants!
Homer: Hey! Why should she have a better husband than you do?
charming3.mp3    95kb
Bart: Maybe it was one of the other Barts, sir...
Bart: Uh-oh!
charming4.mp3    26kb
Apu: Oh! Alright here you go, smoke them in good health... and will you be needing any lottery tickets with that?
Selma: No!.... alright, five.
charming5.mp3    48kb
Selma: Bart.... come cheer up your Aunt Selma
Bart: Okay...
Selma: What did you learn in school today?
Bart: Principal Skinner's gonna ask Aunt Patty to marry him...
Selma: Ah.... thanks kid... you made my day.
charming6.mp3    103kb
Selma: Patty, are you throwing away your last chance of happiness just for me?
Patty: Yes...
Selma: Oh... thanks...
Patty: Now lets go get some pancakes...
Selma: Uh, listen, Barney... uuuh..... hmmm
Barney: She broke my heart Moe!
charming7.mp3    114kb 

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