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7F13: Homer Vs. Lisa Vs. The 8th Commandment
SEASON TWO :: 5 Quotes
Comedian: Don't you hate it...when you go to the bathroom... and there's no toilet paper!? 
Homer: Hehehehehe, it's funny cause it's true! 
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Marge: So, what did you children learn about today?
Bart: Hell!
Homer: Bart!!!
Bart: But that's what we learned about! I sure as hell can't tell you we learned about hell unless I say hell can I?
Homer: Ehh, he has a point
Bart: Hell yes!
Marge: Bart!
Bart: Hell hell hell hell hell hell hell
Marge: You're no longer in Sunday School...don't swear!
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Burns: I'm so keen on seeing 'Watson vs. Tatum' too, I'd even go to an employees house. Oh I can picture it now: the screen door rusting off it's filthy hinges, mangy dog staggering about, looking vainly for a place to die
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Apu: Oh hello Mrs. Homer! I brought some assortment of Jerky!
Homer: Oooh, did you swipe those from work!?
Apu: Oh certainly not!
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Burns: Oh, Simpson, good news, I brought some... mun-chies. Smithers, the Cheetos
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