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7F10: Bart Gets Hit By A Car
SEASON TWO :: 6 Quotes
Devil: According to this, you're not due to arrive here the next time the Yankees win the penant, that's nearly a century from now.. haha, boy is my face red
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Bart: I did go away, mom, I was miles and miles and miles away. Dying in agony in the pits of hell. And you were there! And you, and you, and you.... and you I've never seen before!
Homer: Yeah who are you anyway, I saw you chasing Barts ambulance
car2.mp3    102kb
Lenny: Hey Simpson I heard Mr. Burns crushed your boy!
Homer: Yeah, If I wasn't so spineless, I'd march right into his office right now, and...
Smithers: Simpson! Mr Burns wants you to march into his office right now
Homer: Uh-oh!
car3.mp3    97kb
Burns: Nooooooooooo! Take meeeee! I'm old!.... and thats what happened!
car4.mp3    69kb
Marge: Hmm, well, to be honest, he seemed a lot more concerned about wrapping bart in bandages than in making him feel better. And he mispronnounced words that even I know, like abdomen... and his office was dirty. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure if he was even a doctor!
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Marge: Homer, I'd like you to forgive me for doing the right thing, we've squabbled over money before. I mean, I know this is different than the time I washed your pants with the 20 in the pocket.
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