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7F06: Bart The Daredevil
SEASON TWO :: 10 Quotes
Milhouse: Hey, that's my seat.
Bart: Correction, was your seat.
Barney: But I only got up to go the the can!
Homer: Hey I don't see your name engraved on this barstool.
Announcer: One night only, at the Springfield Speedway, this Saturday! If you miss this, you'd better be dead or in jail, and if you're in jail, break out. Be there!

Skinner: Welcome to the first in a series of Saturday evening concerts.
Homer: Series? Awww.
Todd: :plays violin for school concert:
Ned: :crying: My son.... my son!
Homer: Come on Flanders, he's not that bad.
Lance Murdoch: Now, chance I don't survive, let me just say: Seatbelts save lives, so buckle up!
Milhouse: Oh no, he's hurt.
Lewis: Bad!
Milhouse: Lets get out of here!
Dr. Hibbert: This little boy broke his leg, trying to fly like Superman. This little boy's brother hit him in the head with a wrench, mimicing a recent TV wrestling match. I wont even subject you to the horrors of our three stooges ward.
Marge: Gee, I never realized TV was such a dangerous influence.
Bart: Otto, I'm going to leap over Springfield Gorge on my skateboard.
Otto: Bart, as the only adult here, I feel I should say something.
Bart: What?
Otto: COOL!
Otto: :singing, to tune of 'Foxy Lady' over Bus microphone: Do do doo, do doo do doo, do do do doo.
Bart: Hey Otto, can I use that microphone.
Otto: ..doo do do :switches off: Sorry Bart dude, it's for emergencies only. :switches back on: Doo doo doo.
Lance: Doc, I heard a snap.
Dr. Hibbert: Hmm, I'm afraid the bone is broken. Well, that's all of them.

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