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7F05: Dancin' Homer
SEASON TWO :: 12 Quotes
Homer: Look, theres only one thing worse than being a loser, it's being one of those guys who sits in a bar, telling the story of how he became a loser, and I never want that to happen to me!
Barney: Please Homer!
Moe: Yeah, come on, Homer!
Homer: Bah, okay.
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Otto: I think we lost em! Hey, and we're at the ball park, alright! Two birds with one stone! Okay, everybody out!
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Smithers: (whispering) Ah, its the Simpsons, sir
Burns: Ah, well, if it isn't the Simps!
Homer: Uh, Simp-sons sir
Burns: Oh, oh yes, Homer, and Marge Simpson. Oh, and these must be Bart, Lisa and uh, Expecting.
Smithers: Ah, the card needs to be updated, sir
Homer: Thats okay, the babies name isn't important, lets go Marge
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Bart: Oh wow! There's Flash Bailer! I've gotta get his autograph, he used to be a star! Hey Flash, will you sign my ball!
Flash: No
dancing4.mp3    56kb
Bart: (mumbles)
Homer: Whats the matter, boy?
Bart: He wouldn't sign my ball!
Marge: Well, he's a fine role model! Bart, gimmie that ball!
Guy: Hey, Flash, check out the mature quail heading this way!
Flash: Hey there little lady, what could Flash do for you!
Marge: Here you go, Bart!
Bart: Springfield Cosy Court Motel, room 26, how bout it?
dancing5.mp3    180kb
Homer: Hey Burns!
Bart: You throw like my sister, man!
Lisa: Yeah, you throw like me!
dancing6.mp3    44kb
Burns: What do you say we freshen up our drinky-pools?
Homer: Dont mind if I do!
dancing7.mp3    42kb 
Burns: Well, Simpsy, you up for another wave?
Homer: Alright Burnsey, Woah!
Burns: Wah!
Homer: Woah!
Burns: Wah!
Homer: Woah!
Burns: Wah!
Homer: Woah!
Burns: Wah!
dancing8.mp3    63kb 
Homer: Whoo boogie boogie boogie boogie boogie! Whoo boogie boogie boogie boogie!
Player: Hey, knock that off or I'll stick this bat where the sun dont shine!
Homer: Oh yeah, and where might that be? ooh!
dancing9.mp3    77kb
Homer: Helen, I'm in a carribean mood tonight, how about giving me Baby Elephant Walk with a little Reggae kinda beat!
Jamaican Guy 1: Go Dancin' Homer. Git up mon, Git up!
dancing10.mp3    132kb 
Homer: This was the biggest decision the Simpsons ever faced! I should have listened to the kids instead of my big dumb wife! Oh I shouldn't have called her that, bite my tongue, bite my tongue!
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Milhouse: "I don't know Bart, I mean i'm gonna miss you and all, but.."
Bart: "Come on Milhouse, this way we'll be friends forever"
Milhouse: "Well, okay..." (Bart and Milhouse spit on hands)
Bart/Milhouse: "Eeeew!"
Bart: "I'm gonna miss you spit brother"
Milhouse: "I'm gonna miss you spit brother"
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