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7F04: Treehouse Of Horror
SEASON TWO :: 10 Quotes
Guy: Thats all of it, sign here!
Homer: There you are my man... and a dollar for yourself
Guy: A buck...I'm glad there's a curse on this place
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Homer: Hey, pretty slick!
Lisa: Quit throwing your garbage into our dimension
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Homer: Don't be so stubborn! We're not talking about a few dollars, we're talking about a few thousand dollars (starts floating towards the roof) ah ya aaah! It's got great high ceilings!... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!....... I tell you what... lets sleep on it, okay?
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Evil Spirit: They are all against you Bart, you must kill them all! They all must die!
Bart: Are you my conscience?
Evil Spirit: I.... yes I am........ Lisa, Lisa, the butcher knife, Lisa!
Homer: They are all against me! They all must die!
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Marge: What's going on out here!? Homer, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, stop it! [they all say sorry to each other]
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Homer: Mr. Prote... Homer Simpson here! When you sold me this house you forgot to mention one little thing. You didn't tell me it was built ON AN INDIAN BURIAL GROUND!!!.... NO! YOU! DIDN'T!!! Well that's not my recollection. Yeah, well..... alright, goodbye! (hangs up)... He said he mentioned it five or six times.
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Lisa: It chose to destroy itself rather than live with us, you can't help feeling a little rejected
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Homer: Not to worry, I'll just turn on the trusty bug zapper. (you hear a few little zaps, then a big one) Ooh, that was a big mama!
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Marge: Well thankyou very much mr...
The Chef: To pronnounce it correctly, I'd have to... pull out your tongue
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Bart: *choke, cough, splutter* Hello? Something scary happening. *choke choke choke*. Hey poindexter, its Halloween, put the book away!
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