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7F02: Simpson And Delilah
SEASON TWO :: 12 Quotes
Announcer: Okay, the capital of North Dakota is named after what German ruler?
Homer: HITLER!?
Marge: Hitler North Dakota?
Patty: Bismarck
Contestent: Bismarck! (ping noise)
Bart: Hitler?!
Homer: Hey, i'm still beating you, boy
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Announcer: Okay, the colors of the Italian flag are Red, White, and what? 
Bart: Blue! Homer: Yellow! Bart: Orange, Red, Patty: Green! 
Homer: Black, White, Green! 
Contestant: Green! 
Homer: I was right! 
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Announcer: (big breath) Foryourfreebrochuresendfivedollarsto demoxinil fortyfivehairplazahaircityUtah 
delilah3.mp3    29kb
Demoxinil Guy: Well, we do have a product which is more in your price range, however I must assure you that any hair growth you experience while using it would be purely coincidental 
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Homer: Good morning Springfield! Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Wingfield! 
Mr Wingfield: Why dont you get a haircut you hippy! 
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Carl: There's something different about you Homer, d'you lose some weight? 
Lenny: Yeah, you look like you've got a tan or something 
Guy: I know what it is, a new tie! 
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Smithers: Attention Homer Simpson, you have been promoted, you are now an executive, take three minutes to say goodbye to your former friends, and report to room 503 for re-assignment to a better life. 
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Homer: Yallow! 
Marge: Hello Homey, how's my big important executive? 
Homer: Oh Marge, every woman I interview for the secretary job makes kissy faces at me! 
Karl: Hello Mr. Simpson, I'm.... Karl.
Marge: He sounds good, hire him 
delilah8.mp3    97kb 
Karl: I want you to say to yourself... I deserve this, I love it, I am natures greatest miracle. Go ahead, say it. 
Homer: I...I 
Karl: Trust me Homer 
Homer: I... 
Karl: Take a step and SAY IT! 
Homer: I...deserve this 
Karl: Louder! 
Karl: Shout it! 
Karl: I'll need three weeks vacation and moving expences...  Homer: YOU'VE GOT IT, BUDDY! 
Karl: Lets go shopping!
delilah9.mp3    169kb 
Singer: You are so beautiful, to meeeeeee! 
Marge: I love you Homer! 
Homer: I love you Karl, uh... Marge! 
delilah10.mp3    77kb 
Karl: Stunning.... absolutely stunning! 
deliliah11.mp3    34kb 
Smithers: Hey...why do you care if this guys' bald? 
Karl: My reasons.... Are my own! 
delilah12.mp3    40kb  

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