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HABF05: My Fair Laddy
Gym Teacher: I see you like reading. How do you like Bombardment. BOMBARDMENT! BOMBARDMENT!

Gym Teacher: Van Houten?
Milhouse: Here sir, but my doctor says no more bombardment.
Gym Teacher: Well here's a second opinion! :bombards him:
Willie: All I want is a place somewhere...
Oh, to have my shack rebuilt
Get my rotten teeth all drill't
Something on underneath me kilt
Oh, wouldn't it be adequate?
Matching shoes for both me feet
Dining on untainted meat
A toilet what still has its seat
Homer: Oh, wouldn't it be adequate?
Bart/Lisa: Adequate - adequate
Willie: Wouldn't it be adequate?
Lisa: Okay, how do you address an archbishop?
Willie: I'll kill ya! I'll kill ya for what ye done to me!
Marge: Wow, it glows in the dark!
Homer: It's not supposed to!

Willie: What flows from the nose
Does not go on my clothes
Lisa: I think he's got it Oh yes, he's got it
Willie: What flows from the nose
Does not go on my clothes
Gah! A talkin' mirror! Gah!
Lisa: Where is that ghastly flow?
Willie: The nose - the nose!
Lisa: And where should it not go?
Homer: Blue pants - blue pants!
Lisa: Dad, get your own song!
Homer: Fine! I'm gettin' blue pants in the morning
Ding dong, the zipper's gonna shine!
Moe: I don't get this. This guy paints his noggin, and you guys are ready to buy pants. Meanwhile I been paying for that billboard outside for a year now and it's not yielding nothing.
Billboard: You don't have to look at me! You don't have to look at me!
Woman: Well, he does have billboard money. Talking billboard money!
Willie: I feel like I...
Could be indoors all night
Could use a fork and knife
And never soil my suit
I could be so polite
Start not a scene nor fight
And still not feel like a fruit
How very nice that there's no lice in my hair
And my toenails I don't bite
Now that I've reached the stage
Where I'm not full of rage
I could be indoors
Indoors all night
Willie: May I help you sir.
Gym Teacher: These rolls are stale! Bombardment! Bring me some more! Bombardment! And some ice tea for the lady please. Bombardment!
Willie: I've a fancy suit
And a clean white shirt
But I miss the days
When tractor fumes blew off my skirt
I was freezing cold
And I slept in mold
But I long for the shack where I lived
She was true to me
My old home of wood
And when I passed out from turpentine
She understood
Life was so sublime
Mr. Largo: Well, boo hoo, 'cause I'm
Hanging ferns in the shack where you lived
If I had your voice I'd talk-sing everything.
Skinner: It is with great joy and a sense of once again everything is back to where it started that we welcome our once and future groundskeeper Willie.
Willie: Heaven, I'm in heaven.
Willie, please express yourself through mopping.

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