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HABF02: The Italian Bob
Mr. Burns: I will not be lampooned by school children. Kill them Smithers!
Smithers: You could just buy a new car sir.
Mr. Burns: Well, whatever's easier.
Martin: A new car? May I suggest an oldsmobile? :nobody laughs:
Nelson: Mr. Burns sucks :everybody laughs:

Homer: A Lambhorgati Fasterosa!? That's the car I think about when I make love to my wife.
Homer: You're sending me to Italy?
Mr. Burns: Yes.
Homer: Can I take my family?
Mr. Burns: Sure
Homer: Do I have to hang out with them?
Mr. Burns: It would be nice.
Homer: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Brandine: Cletus, you're the most wonderful husband and son I ever had.
Lisa: Dad don't you wanna turn around and see the tower?
Homer: Eh there's a picture of it on my cup.

Homer: Don't worry we got the cheese insurance.
Marge: It doesn't cover mortidela!
Homer: Noooooo!
Lady: Americano?
Homer: Americano! What the hell could that mean? Why can't you people learn to speak my language. I lean to eat your food!
Sideshow Bob: These feet were made for stompin' and that's just what they'll do. One of these days these feet will make Chianti out of you.
Homer: Holy moly! I always thought you were, you know, out, loud and proud.
Sideshow Bob: Well, I experimented in college as one does.
Homer: Yeah I never went to college.
Sideshow Bob: Stop the presses.
Sideshow Bob: I hereby swear a ... VENDETTA!
Marge: Vendetta means... Vendetta! AAAH!
Lisa: Krusty's in an opera here in Rome. He can save our lives, come on lets go.
Homer: Oh Opera! They have that here too!?
Krusty: Vendetta? What's that? An Italian Vending Machine? :nobody laughs: Oh that's my opening joke, and my closer, and my saver, and my topper!
Krusty: So I had this beautiful tour guide right, and I tell her I want to see her Naples. She slapped me.
Guy: We call it Napoli!
Krusty: Yeah well it sounds like you're all taking a Napoli.

Singer: When a wife looks like that and her husbands so fat that's immoral. When she kisses that jerk while I do all the work thats im--
Homer: Hey knock it off!
Singer: Sorry, no speak English. When a big tub of lard--

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