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GABF22: The Last Of The Red Hat Mamas
Lisa: Nelson those don't count as Easter eggs.
Nelson: Yeah but they count as breakfast
Bart: Ralph there's a hole in your basket.
Ralph: You're Lisa's brother.

Marge: This house has such beautiful wainscotting.
Mrs. Quimby: Marge I didn't know you were into wainscotting.
Marge: I read an article about it at the tyre store. Did you know it's not named after someone named Wayne Scott?
Homer: You're like all Easter Bunnies, can't take a punch to the crotch! Maybe next time you'll think twice before you "volunteer to help children".
Cookie: That's the last refrigerator magnet calendar you get from me.
Homer: We throw those out anyway.
Cookie: You lie! Stop lying!
Sherri: Hey where'd she go?
Terri: Oh well, lets talk in our secret twin language.

Seymour: You speak Italian?
Lisa: Of course I do, why would I say it if I didn't?
Seymour: Flawless logic but I am going to have to ask you to speak a few phrases to verify your fluency. Though not now because I have a series of important meetings. How's tomorrow for you? Because it's terrible for me. But I'll get back to you. Soon!
Homer: Why does every woman I try to talk to run into cans?
Milhouse: Can I be your insegnante?
Lisa: Okay if that means teacher.
Milhouse: It means masculine teacher!
Announcer: Welcome back to Fox Sports West II Classic Fox Sports Fox.
Homer: Heist plans? Burns' mansion!? That's Mr. Burns' mansion!
Agnes: I got the combination from Burns after I let him feel me up during the depression
Mr. Burns: Why you're all women.
Homer: I'm not.
Mr. Burns: I suppose but, you're certainly buxom and flirty.
Homer: Oh well, I try to have a good time.

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