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GABF21: See Homer Run
Homer: Joy To The World a father's born, let me receive great gifts!
Marge: If I give you money, how is the gift really from you?
Bart: Where do you get your money?
Marge: ... here's a ten, make your own card.

Dolph: Hey Milhouse. Cool kids ride bikes with their eyes closed
Milhouse: I'm cool! :gets hit by train:
Homer: One adult and one baby please.
Lisa: I'm not a baby, a baby is 0 - 2.
Homer: Her first words! :whispering: play along! It's 50 cents less for babies!
Skinner: And hurled a thermos brand thermos onto the street.
Homer: Does it still keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold?
Skinner: I'm afraid it doesnt keep any drinks anything.
Homer: I don't know, what happened to the last safety salamander?
Skinner: Uh he fell asleep in the suit and suffocated.
Homer: I can do that.

Quimby: Take this plane anywhere girls are going wild.
Jimbo: If you're lame enough to vote, vote for me.
Announcer: Jimbo: tough on nerds, tougher on dorks.
Homer: What can I do? I'm only one man.
Lisa: Lincoln was only one man.
Homer: Are you sure there wasn't a midget in his hat? I read an email that said there was.
Homer: I will run for mayor!
Lisa: And I will be your campaign manager.
Homer: And I'll find out what a mayor does! Expand my brain, learning juice.
Kent: Mr. Simpson, what about those photos of you strangling your child.
Homer: Why should we let this election be influenced by a photo taken hours ago.
Marge: Did you just vomit in that suit?
Homer: A little.
Marge: Have you cleaned that suit once since you got it?
Homer: No, but I swam in it.
Homer: Well, my son is here too. Lets meet him now.
Bart: Heeere's Bart :pushes Milhouse onto stage:
Milhouse: Wazuuuuuuuuup!?

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