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GABF20: Marge's Son Poisoning
Homer: A strongman? Are you for sale? Cause I need someone to throw a birdbath at my neighbour.
Marge: Homie, If I buy a bicycle built for two, would you ride with me?
Homer: Marge I don't hate your mother, I just wont be sad when she dies. 47, 48.
Marge: I was asking for something.
Homer: Yeah sure whatever you want. 95, 96, 13, 64, banana.

Marge: Our tandem bicycle. When I bought it you said you'd ride with me.
Homer: But I'm watching television. A lot of people worked hard on this show.
Homer: Hello Dominos. What do you mean you're not open? No you call me back during business hours. I'll show you who's a recorded message.
Marge: Well I heard Neil Young sing about her.
Bart: I heard Old Neil put her down.
Marge: Well I hope Neil Young will remember
Bart: This southern man don't need him round anyhow. Mom, who's Neil Young?
Marge: He was a singer in the 60s, like The Archies and The Banana Splits
Marge: Just to be safe I'm going to dial 9-1 on my cell phone.

Bart: Think they have video games?
Marge: No
Bart: Batting cage?
Marge: No
Bart: Rock climbing wall?
Marge: No
Bart: Robot musical review
Marge: No
Bart: Zoomanity by Cirque Du Solei.
Marge: No
Bart: Bathroom?
Marge: Yes
Bart: Well that's really what I need the most.
Milhouse: Hey Bart they're testing me for lazy eye, wanna come with?
Bart: Sorry Milhouse I've got plans.
Milhouse: Okay, I'll bring you back an eye care pamphlet.
Homer: I'm joining a professional arm wrestling circuit.
Marge: Uh huh and how will this affect your job at the plant?
Homer: Negatively I guess.
Moe: Brothers and sisters have I none, but this man's father is my father's son. Huh? Ah screw you ya stupid thing. He is my son.. that blows!
Krusty: Green Tea? Who's that? Mr. T's Irish brother? Earl Grey, I'd rather have Linda Grey. Is she still alive? What's next.. what the hell I'm not doing that one.
Kearney: Princess cake? Bart you just got yourself a nickname for life!
Dolph: Hey Princess cake, want some Princess cake!?
Moe: Marge called ya, she said she loves you and she hopes you break the guys arm so hard that it pokes through his skin.
Homer: Did she say anything else?
Moe: Yeah, She said to shut up and stop asking questions and listen to Moe.
Agnes: Seymour where were you? A brightly colored car hurt my eyes!
Seymour: Don't worry mother I have your eye balm in my man purse right here.

Apu: Where is my John Wayne, Where is my Prairie Song, Where is my happy ending, where have all the cowboys gone? Doo doo doo, doo doo doo...

Chalmers: Next up on the Springfield Elementary Karaoke Showcase is.. SKINNERRRRR! and Mrs. SKINNERRRR!

Skinner and Agnes sing "Ebony And Ivory". They morph into an old Bart and Marge singing the same duet.

Homer and Marge sing "Sweet Home Alabama"
Homer: Marge, spending time with you is more important to me than all the pie eating contests in the world.
Marge: I thought it was arm wrestling.
Homer: I was in a pie eating contest on the way home.

Jimbo, Kearney and Dolph sing My Sharona.
Homer: That song is a pop music footnote.... I didn't say stop!

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