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GABF19: Milhouse Of Sand And Fog
Homer: Praise the lord! I can walk again. What? My foot fell asleep.
Homer: Can't even go in my own kitchen. Bart's in there right now eating frosting off MY egg beaters.
Bart: Don't worry dad, I'm saving one for you. I'll just leave it here in the dog's mouth.
Homer: No! Bart! That's a really bad storage area.

Ned: You'd have to be awfully money grubbing to charge your friends and neighbors.
Homer: 15 dollars to infect your kids! Now featuring the pox box! Pox box not recommended for pregnant or nursing women, As with any disease box results may vary. Pox box!
Ralph: I feel like a chicken already. I just made an egg in my pants!
Wiggum: I can even touch my gun to my nose. Don't worry I'm the peef of cholice. I mean, the beef with no cheese. Why doesn't Lou like me!? WHY!?
Luanne: Kirk you look good, have you been working out?
Kirk: Well dogs have been chasing me!

Milhouse: Sweet Lizzie McGuire!
Milhouse: Well I didn't see anything to get my hopes up if that's what you mean.
Kirk: Maybe you should get your hopes up a little.
Milhouse: They're already up! They're sky high!
Homer: No I'm not coming into work. I have chicken pox. I know I said that last month but I was lying, geez. Right, right.. right... right. Right! Okay, right! I love you, bye. I just got fired.
Milhouse: Remember when you told my dad to go to bed and he did.
Bart: That was some new years.
Milhouse: I am drunk! I'll prove it. Watch me.. kiss this picture of Nanna! Oh I can't do it. She's so mean to me. She wouldnt let me eat fruit loops.
Luanne: Marge is having an affair with Kirk!
Homer: That's ridiculous. No woman would want to have sex with that loser. Oh and uh, congratulations on snagging her back.
Homer: This is Marge's bra! I bought it for her boobs!
Bart: We tried to break up your parents and we broke up mine.
Milhouse: Wanna call my therapist and tell her how you feel? Hello Dr. Wexler?
Doctor: Stop calling me! I'm on my honeymoon! Yeah it's that weird kid again.

Homer: Well I'd better go.
Lisa: Where are you staying?
Homer: You know the four seasons? Well I'm experiencing them first hand because I'm living in the park.

Lisa: I can read you like a book!
Bart: Haha you read books!

Bart: Does this mean you and dad might get a D A V U R S?
Marge: Young man you go work on your spelling. Or I'll delete all the custom ringtones from your cellphone.

Milhouse: Do you like the dummy, Bart? I even made it smell like you.

Marge: So I got your note saying you wanted to meet here to apologize.
Homer: Well I got your note saying you were gonna bring me a bucket of potato salad.
Marge: Where's my apology?
Homer: Where's my bucket?

Milhouse: I don't wanna live in a world without Bart!
Marge: Can he swim?
Bart: What do you think?

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