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GABF17: Treehouse Of Horror XVI
Selma: Patty, is it you or me who likes grape jelly?
Patty: For 35 cents off I love it!
Dr. Hibbert: And a robot would take your mind off your dead son.
Marge: I thought he was in a coma!
Dr. Hibbert: They're pretty much the same thing except this way I get to keep billing you.
Marge: You already said that.
Dr. Hibbert: Well you didn't laugh the first time!

Ned: Ow, my Flander-doodles
Bart: Eat my shorts!
David: I will comply
Homer: David feels and your mother will agree when I tell her that it's best for our family that you're no longer in it.
Robot: Maybe someday you could teach us to love.
Bart: Yeah maybe, what did you used to do?
Robot: I was a lawnmower. I could cut grass at three different heights. But I could not love.
Bart: I get it, I get it, it sucks to be you.

Marge: You told me he was at culinary school.
Homer: You wanted to believe the lie!
Bart: Dad gets to kill wild animals, but I shoot one bird and I had to go to a psychiatrist.
Marge: Hmm, he still thinks that hobo was a bird.
Carl: This is a pretty sweet deal, Burns inviting us over. What kind of motive do you think he has.
Lenny: Ulterior.
Carl: Burns has only been chasing us six hours and you've already resorted to cannibalism.
Lenny: And there's bananas in that tree up there.
Homer: Eh they look a little green.
Lenny: I see heaven!
Carl: What does it look like
Carls: Hurry up Lenny, you'll be late for work at the plant!
Quimby: Congratulations, you have won this 25 dollar Kwik-E-Mart certificate.
Apu: Sucker. 25 bucks wont buy you half a balance bar. I exaggerate but really my prices are very high.
Witch: I'm a real witch.
Carl: Wait a minute that's cheating!
Mel: Burn her!!! Gift certificate!
Wiggum: And I'm Jared from the Subway ads. I'm only a little overweight and sexually ambiguous.

Moe: Okay, this concludes this years Halloween show. We hope you had as much fun watching our show as the Koreans did animating it. But there's one group for whom every day is Halloween. I'm talking about adult illiterates. For them trying to read the morning newspaper is more terrifying than any goblin, ghoul, spook or spirit.
Lenny: So wont you please donate a children's book or something.
Dennis Rodman: Together we can make reading a slam dunk.
Moe: Dennis Rodman, what are you doing here?
Dennis Rodman: Working off a speeding ticket. Happy Halloween everybody!

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