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GABF16: The Girl Who Slept Too Little
Homer: Stamps! Those are for snail mail! Stamps rule.. I mean suck!
Homer: Two four six eight I hate stamps, they aren't great....... Ooookay how bout this? Seven four three one, oh wait that's my pin number. Everyone forget that!

Homer: When I die you can mourn me from the bathroom. That's multitasking.
Marge: We don't even hear Maggie cry at night anymore. Wait a minute there's no batteries in this thing.
Homer: I needed them for my remote controlled helicopter.
Homer: Lisa when you've sustained as many blows to the head as I have, consistency is something something that something I love you Baaart.
Lisa: Land of the Wild Beasts? That's the first book I read all the way through.
Bart: You read a book all the way through? Why?

Homer: That Dr. Hibbert was so boring! Homer we've got to get that lump checked out, Homer we must discuss your test results, Homer we've gotta find you a donor. Blah blah blah.
Homer: I spy with my little eye something with four legs that can't run.
Marge: Homer we're not really playing.
Homer: Oh
Lisa: Is it the chair?
Homer: Exactly. Now what has two ears but can't hear?
Lisa: Grampa.
Homer: Tragically, yes.
Homer: Don't be surprised if a snuggle monster shows up.
Marge: I hope he's accompanied by the how was your day monster, and the foot rub monster, and the let me just--
Homer: Don't worry he's not showing up.
Lisa: I can't keep sleeping in mom and dads room.
Bart: Yeah if dad rolls over you're dead.
Lisa: Mom showed me how to make a retaining wall out of pillows.
Dr. Nick: Bye Lisa, and remember you have a checkup next Thursday.
Lisa: We don't go to you anymore, we have a better doctor!
Dr. Nick: Oh congratulations!
Lisa: Gotta keep calm. If Scooby Doo has taught me anything it's that the only thing to fear are crooked Real Estate Agents.
Marge: Don't worry, we're not evil spirits!
Homer: Although if we were evil spirits we'd probably assume the shape of your parents.
Marge: Homer!
Homer: Marge we owe her the truth.
Monster 1: You could just draw the blinds you silly goose!
Monster 2: Or get a night light.
Lisa: My dad says they're too expensive.
Monster 3: For god sakes they're four bucks a piece.

Homer: Lisa honey. Please wake up. If you do I'll get you a new pony.
Lisa: New pony?
Homer: Uh, this is still part of your dream. Dreaming.. dreaming... now you're awake!

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