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GABF15: Home Away From Homer
Lady: Winner of the Romanian film festivals prestigious golden bucket -- Holy crap someone's actually calling!
Ned: Sorry but I promised to rewind videotapes for the poor.

Homer: You wear a bathing suit in the bathtub?
Ned: Yeah! So I can't see my own shrinky-dink!
Homer: Makes sense.
Ned: I'd love to help you out but you do have to be over 18.
Nelson: I am, check out my ID.
Ned: Wait this is my licence.
Ned: Here's your room ladies, you can catch some Zee's while you earn those degrees.
Girl: You rhyme like Snoopy dog!
Ned: Well thankyou!
Bart: I know what we can Ask Jeeves. Why does he suck!

Bart: Hey this is one of those dirty websites.
Milhouse: Two girls? Who would want that!
Bart/Milhouse: FLANDERS!?
Ned: That's odd, I could have sworn I just heard someone shriek my name.
Bart: You heard nothing.
Ned: Oh that's better!
Homer: And the best part is stupid Flanders doesn't even know it's happening in his stupid house. Hence my nickname stupid Flanders.
Moe: Homer's the one what wised us up to the sexy goings-on.
Flanders: Homer is this true!
Homer: Ned I had no choice. It was just so funny.
Lisa: You've totally humiliated the best friend The Simpsons ever had.
Homer: You're right, but you know who the real victim is here? Ned.
Lisa: That's what we've been trying to tell you!
Homer: Last-diddly-ast? Oh he's gone! And it's all someone's fault!
Homer: Don't worry I'll straighten things out with coach Clay. We're good buddies. We play this game called who can punch the softest and he always lets me win.
Guy: Everyone new begins here in the dimple department.
Ned: Can I start yesterday!

Ned: Boys put on your goodie two-shoes. We're moving back to Springfield.
Rod: But I have a girlfriend!
Ned: Now you have a penpal!
Rod: Yay!

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