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GABF14: Thank God It's Doomsday
Marge: Hey kids, I scream you scream we all scream for haircuts!
Marge: Well good luck getting to your precious mall barber because I'm not driving you.
Homer: Kids wanna go to the mall? They're breaking fresh cinebuns which means they're throwing out the old ones.

Song: Who wants their haircut - who, who who who?
Homer: Left Below? Where have I heard that before?
Lisa: It's the title of the movie.
Homer: It's everywhere!
Guy: Would you like to take advantage of our Friends of Flanders discount?
Homer: No thankyou.
Marge: May 18th? That's one week from today.
Homer: A week? That's seven days from now!

Moe: I was wondering if you could help save my soul. I've done stuff I aint proud of and the stuff I am proud of is disgusting.
Ned: Well looks like someone's having a pre-rapture party.
Homer: No Flanders its a meeting of gay witches for abortion, you wouldn't be interested.
Lisa: All through history self-anointed seers have predicted the end of the world and they've always been wrong.
Homer: But sweetheart I have something they didn't have. A good feeling about this!
Homer: Come on Lisa, no one in this family is being left below.
Abe: Wait for me! I'm-a-coming!
Homer: Don't worry dad, there's a bus coming for you. Drive, drive!
Homer: Oh, Lisa you still believe in me don't you.
Lisa: Aww, dad if you recall, I never believed in you, not for one second.
Homer: Oh that's my girl.
Comic Book Guy: Hey Nostra-dumbass. Did the rapture come? I can't recall. Oh in fact I can recall, and it didn't, and you suck.
Marge: You couldn't predict 6:00 at 5:30!
Homer: Stupid Family, wont even come to my rapture. I went to Lisa's school play which had serious pacing problems.

Greeter: Homer Simpson, welcome to heaven! Now lets get you into some clothes, huh?
Homer: I'm comfortable like this.
Greeter: Yeah well this is heaven, for everyone.

Greeter: Anything you wish for, you get. Lickety split.
Homer: Hmmm :greeter's head explodes:
Greeter: Okay just for that your room's next to the kiddy pool, alright Mr. Smarty head exploder.
Homer: I'd tip you but I don't have any cash.
Greeter: You know you could wish for some.
Homer: I could...

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