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GABF11: The Heartbroke Kid
Chalmers: It's not my birthday Seymour, you know I'm a saggitarius.
Skinner: Really, I'm a Libra. There's a lot of compatibility there!
Chalmers: Skinner be gay on your own time.
Willie: What are you looking at YA BASTARDS!?

Homer: Marge, no machine could ever replace you. Why you're th-- or could it? :daydreams: Marge bot I'm ready for some lovin! :end daydream: Why did I give her a gun!
Song: Three weeks later!
Homer: Come on, son! You can fight this. Do the Bartman! Do the Bartman!
Lisa: Bart how could you laugh at that you just had a heart attack.
Bart: Yeah but what does not kill me makes me stronger. Wow, that was a lot of words, I need some energy.

Marge: When people used to ask me how you were doing I said "at least he's got his health". Now you've got nothing!
Homer: Lisa take a picture of me with all the milkshakes! Come on everybody get in there. Hurry! They're melting.
Bart: What the fffffffamily!?
Spangler: Guess how old I am. Come on, take a guess.
Marge: 47.
Spangler: I hate when they're over. EVEN ON THE NOSE HURTS!
Spangler: Mr and Mrs Simpson. Your boy's gonna need one thing. TOUGH LUCK!
Marge: Don't you mean tough love?
Spangler: Tough love. Of course, this has never made sense. The sign shop guy lied. STANLEY. YOU DIDN'T QUESTION THE WORD LUCK!? NOW LOOK WHAT WE'VE GOT!
Kent: Kent Brockman Channel Six News. I gorge on kettle corn during the sports and weather.
Spangler: We know, your side fat's starting to spill over to channel five and seven. I hope you're getting three paychecks.
Marge: Homer, maybe you could ask Mr. Burns for a raise.
Homer: Even better, I'll ask him for my job back!
Spangler: As you scoop your icecream into the trash, tell it you hate it. Talk to it. You think I look like WHAT? What's the vanilla saying? NO I'm not that old! Come on, talk, lets hear you!

Spangler: Son, I'm gonna tell you a story about a young man who came here and failed, well that is the story, I shouldnt call a sentence a story. Anyway it's you.

Spangler: Young man there's something I have to show you. In one hour. We have to drive there. No talking along the way, it'll hurt the drama.
Bart: Can I just--
Spangler: Shh, drama!
Spangler: You're lucky this is just a youth hostel. We had one family who had to take in dry cleaning. The chemicals killed their dog. Well that's what they told us in the lawsuit. I don't see a dog living past 14 anyway, can you?

Bart: They can't see or hear us, right?
Spangler: We're not the ghost of Christmas past Bart. They can see us. If I were invisible do you think I'd waste my time with this belt/shirt combination!?
Spangler: Come on lets look for your dad. And if we have some time maybe we'll look for mine.

Homer: 99 Isht Luftballons, Auf ihrem Weg zum Horizont, Hielt man für Ufos aus dem All, Darum schickte ein General
Spangler: They want a second verse. I hope he knows it!
Homer: 'ne Fliegerstaffel hinterher, Alarm zu geben, wenn es so wär, Dabei war'n da am Horizont, Nur 99 Luftballons
Spangler: I'll meet you later son I'm gonna go get the car washed and try to meet.. somebody.

Bart: I've learnt that even made up corporate shills can lie to you.
Homer: Did you hear that Foxy the Fox Network Fox!
Spangler: 'Scuse me I think I left my belt here.
Marge: No you didn't.
Spangler: Don't tell me I didn't. That's my lucky belt. Long story, good one!

Spangler: Folks you have three weeks left on a non refundable weight loss treatment, so if anybody else in the family wants to use it, use it now.
Homer: But who else needs to lose weight. Maggie, Grampa, my seldom seen half brother Herb?
Spangler: Mr. Simpson, you're suffering from PSI. Poor self esteem. That's not I. EVERY SIGN IS WRONG!

Spangler: What are you eating now.
Homer: Cheeseburger
Spangler: You're a catastrophe. Let me have half of it.
Homer: I don't wanna.
Spangler: I just want the cheese, I don't want the meat. I do want the meat.
Homer: Here's a corner.
Spangler: Let me just bite it, don't rip it! Let me have the whole thing, you'll get some later.
Homer: You're a selfish jerk.
Spangler: I've smelled it, it has to be eaten!
Homer: But it's my burger!
Spangler: I'm driving. I'll kill us!
Homer: Fine i'd rather die!

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