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GABF09: The Father, The Son & The Holy Guest Star
Skinner: Now as queen you shall be entitled to eat the same french fries as the teachers do.
Lisa: The ones made from potatoes?
Skinner: The very same!
Milhouse: My coat of arms is Spiderman couchant on a field vert.
Nelson: What's couchant mean?
Milhouse: Lying down.
Nelson: You mean like you? Now what's vert mean? Say it means punching.

Bart: No way, I didn't do it! Unlike all the other stuff I told you I didn't do which I did.
Homer: I can't believe you got expelled! Well don't expect to spend all week lying around on the couch like a bum. Cause that's my thing!
Homer: Where will it be? North Korea, Iran, anything's possible with Commander Kookoo Bananas in charge!
Abe: I need two double A batteries now!
Homer: Get em from the smoke detector.
Marge: What if there's a fire?
Homer: The smoke will wake us up!

Bart: Hi I'm Bart Simpson, Aye Carumba, Do The Bartman, etc etc.
Marge: Catholics can be a peculiar bunch. No birth control, no meat on Friday.
Homer: No meat! What do they eat? Lightbulbs?
Homer: Bart, what the hell are you saying.
Lisa: That's Latin, dad, the language of Plutarch.
Homer: Mickey Mouse's dog!?
Father Sean: I understand, but can it wait till after Bingo?
Homer: Bingo, that's my favorite game. I just can't remember what to yell out when you win.
Father Sean: Bingo.
Homer: That's my favorite game. I just can't remember what to yell out when you win.
Father Sean: How bout you just say "Yaay I won!"
Homer: Bingo!
Homer: Is it true you priest guys can't ever... you know?
Father Sean: I'll admit the vow of celibacy is one of our sterner challenges.
Homer: Celibacy I was talking about the meat on Friday thing. Man you guys got more crazy rules than Blockbuster Video.
Homer: I wiped a booger on your shirt, I made a dog and a cat kiss, I swiped a bolted down tv from a holiday inn, I coveted the wife in Jaws 2, I lied to a waiter, I masturbated 8 billion times and I have no plans to stop masturbating in the future. Woohoo I'm clean! In your face lord!
Lovejoy: Scuse me, that better be decaf.
Waitress: The rim is orange aint it, or does undertipping make you colorblind.
Lovejoy: Her husband is sleeping with her sister. Who said that?
Marge: But I didn't change Bart's diapers for five years to see him become a Catholic!
Bart: I thought there was a monster in the potty.

Bart: Okay I'll pick a religion for me. Judaism. Don't have a cow man, Don't have a cow man Don't have a cow man, have a piece of fish, HEY!

Father Sean: Well said mate, put her there.
Ned: Hehe My pleasure. Note to self, have hand reblessed.

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