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GABF08: The Seven Beer Snitch
Bart: Play? All plays suck, all the time and always will and everyone knows it.
Homer: Look we'll compromise, we'll go see a play that Lisa doesn't wanna see.
Springfield Billy: I came here for the legalized gambling.
Guy: But Springfield Billy, we don't have legalized gambling here.
Springfield Billy: Sure you do. I saw a bumper sticker that said Free Ti-bet!

Shelbyvillians: :to The Simpsons: Hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot
Homer: Hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot!
Moe: Hey how bout we open a fancy restaraunt and when people check their hats and coats we steal them.
Marge: Why do you come to these meetings?
Moe: Free water.
Gehry: And none of this would have happened if not for a letter I received from one little girl.
Marge: I wrote that letter!
Gehry: You wrote I was the bestest architect in the world.
Carl: I thought this was gonna be the soundtrack to the movie Beethoven. Was I sadly mistaken?

Lenny: Sounds better on my cell phone :plays Beethoven over phone:
Warden: Barely finished high school, you've challenged me to fight six times since the interview began.
Homer: Make it seven!
Homer: But he misread my pee! He misread my pee!
Wiggum: It's unlawful for a man to be hatless during daylight hours. Ah Smithers if I didn't arrest you that night in the park I'm not gonna arrest you now.
Warden: How'd you like to be a full time rat?
Homer: Really? You mean eat cheese, gnaw through electrical cords, things like that?
Mr. Burns: Excellent, now what have you got for me?
Homer: Homer Simpson has become a snitch.
Mr. Burns: Tell me something I don't know!
Homer: Sometimes I go to the movies alone.
Marge: The prison snitch is killed, and that could be you, because YOU'RE THE PRISON SNITCH!
Homer: What are you guys looking at, you never seen bling bling before?
Mother Dexter: What's your turtles name?
Bart: Uh, Apron Boobs-face?
Mother Dexter: Really, well lets go find it. And what's your name?
Bart: Um, Shoes.. Butt-back?

Kent: Our expensive Thermocam 3000 is finally being used for something. This red glow is the heat from a pack of inmates who are desperately looking for prison snitch Homer Simpson, this massive blob over here who's attempting to hide in the kitchen area. Good luck, blobby!

Fat Tony: There's the filthy rat we're gonna kill. And his wife, who sometimes drives my son home from school.
Marge: Oh you must be Michael's dad!
Homer: The guards are sadistic and cruel!
Warden: I can't help the way I am. When I was a boy I saw my father murdered before my eyes. By me!

Homer: Listen to me! This whole building is unsafe! They cut corners everywhere. People ! It's a death trap!
Bart: No dad you fell asleep in front of the TV watching The Towering Inferno.
Homer: How do you know the title of my prophetic vision!?

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