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GABF06: Goo Goo Gai Pan
Smithers: Sir, thank god the airbags activated!
Mr. Burns: Those are my lungs!
Robert Wagner: Just as the end of the day can bring great beauty, so too can the end of menstruation be a time of radience and celebration. Sure you may experience mood swings, loss of desire, and private dryness, but don't worry you can still do everything that you did before.
Lady: Everything? Including having children?
Robert Wagner: Ma'am we're trying to make a video here!

Robert Wagner: So lets all give menopause a round of menapplause. Menapplause? I'm not saying that!
Marge: Selma, I never realized you wanted a child so badly.
Selma: I didn't want to get pregnant and lose my looks
Homer: Come on kids, we should go. Goodbye Selma.
Selma: I'm not dead, idiot!
Homer: I know, that was for the other patients. Ow! My thingies!
Selma: I'll just write my husbands name on this form. Have you ever heard of MacGyver?
Guy: Oh yes, big star, big star, we know he's not married to you.

Selma: Yes, Homer Simpson is my whole world. I.. love him.
Homer: :shudders: Oh I just felt a chill go through my very soul!
Lenny: Yeah, those sloppy joes will do that.
Selma: When do I get my baby?
Wu: In a few days.
Selma: Oooohh..
Wu: This will give you a chance to explore our nations ancient culture.
Homer: Oooohh...
Wu: And it will give me a chance to closely observe the intimate details of your married life.
Homer/Selma: Oooohhh!
Homer: And this is Marge, our surpisingly hot nanny.
Marge: Thankyou Mr. Simpson.
Homer: Don't mention it, Ms... October. But don't look at her passport, it's different!
Wu: So Mr. Simpson, what do you do for a living?
Homer: I'm a nuclear... wait a minute, these guys don't know me. I could be whatever I want!... I'm a Chinese Acrobat!
Homer: Oh you're curing me with accupuncture.
Doctor: No a porcupine snuck in while you were asleep.
Selma: This is Homer, your daddy. Without him I wouldn't have you.
Homer: Owww.. she likes my eyes!
Wu: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on Wu!
Homer: I'm so sorry about what happened. But at least you saw what It was like to be married to me for a while.
Selma: :cries:

Homer: I was this womans husband for a few days -- in name only! -- and beer will soon obliterate that memory. But I don't think this baby could find any greater love on your planet or ours.

Wu: You may keep the baby, but you, drop the Panda!
Homer: But he loves me.. why you little! I'll endanger you!
Homer: Something's wrong with Bart. He's acting wierd.
Fake Bart: Feast on my shorts, stupid father man!
Homer: Wait you're not Bart. Eh close enough.

David Silverman: David Silverman here, supervising director of The Simpsons and tonight I'm going to show you how to draw Bart. Now, we start off with a tin can like this, and a little tunafish can for the bottom part of his head, a little hinge of an ear, a big sausage for a nose, two giant golf balls for eyes. Now here's the trick about the hair it's one two three four five six seven eight nine points. And uh, there you go. Perfect Barts everytime. Now once you've mastered how to draw Bart you can put him in all sorts of costumes. Some that he likes, some that he hates! Well, that's it my friends. Thankyou very much, keep watching!

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