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GABF05: On A Clear Day I Can't See My Sister
Skinner: I hope you're all wearing glacier appropriate clothing.
Nelson: Hey, check out my t-shirt, it's wicked relevant, it's part of my things suck line of clothing.
Skinner: Yes well, while I disagree with you t-shirts assertion I do encourage anything that raises glacier awareness.
Bart: So Lis' ready for your trip
Lisa: Sure am.
Bart: :trips her: See you next fall!
Lisa: You make the same stupid jokes every field trip.
Bart: You work in the business as long as I have you're bound to repeat yourself. See you next fall!

Lisa: It's a lump of slush, look at it!
Ranger: I have a little girl just like you at home. That's where she stays. At Home.
Edna: I will now demonstrate how over you I am. See that man. Take note of how he's not you. Now watch. So is there a Mrs. Park Ranger Johnson?
Ranger: No Ma'am, I'm married to the glacier, but uh, it's an open marriage.
Bart: Check it out, that frog has a nerd on it's butt.
Wiggum: So, you see what happens when you don't obey your restraining order?
Bart: Yes Chief Wiggum
Wiggum: And Snake do you see what happens when you kidnap the president.
Bart: Yes Chief Wiggum
Wiggum: And Lou do you see what happens when my coffee comes back cold?
Lou: Chief you ordered an Iced Coffee.
Wiggum: No I said a nice coffee. NICE.

Wiggum: Hey I don't make the laws I just something with them.
Gary Busey: Now Joe can't come within 500 feet of Mary. He also can't call her, or burn his name in gas on her lawn. I'm gonna let you in on a little secret, Joe is me. And Mary is a composite of 12 different women and a small independent film company all of whom couldn't deal with me because I'm too real.
Bart: This place smells and something's dripping on me.
Willie: The smell is manure, and the dripping's manure. Now turn to Chapter 1 of Math Safari.
Bart: But we're already on Chapter 7.
Willie: Then you'll be teaching Willie!
Lisa: I like eating here dad. Especially without "don't have a cow man!"
Homer: Hehe, yeah, he's all "cowabunga dude!". What's that mean!? Nothing I bet.
Manager: Homer would you be interested in the position of executive greeter?
Homer: Woohoo! That's been my dream ever since I heard it existed right now.
Judge Harm: From now on the restraining order is set at 200 feet! That's 61 meters.
French Guy: Sacre bleu!
Homer: I never worked all night, never! And I worked at an all night diner for three years.
Homer: I did it, I pulled it out! And with no brain damage-amage-amage-amage-amage-amage!

Lisa: Bart don't worry, I'm relinquishing the poke pole.
Bart: What does that mean, you're sharpening it. Look in your heart, I'm begging you, Look in your heart!
Lisa: I'm not sharpening it!
Bart: Are you putting feces on the tip?
Lisa: No, I'm giving it up!

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