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GABF04: There's Something About Marrying
Barney: Nice try boys. Now as the roadrunner said the the coyote. Meep meep!
Howell: I give Springfield the lowest rating I've ever given a city. A six out of ten.

Moe: Yeah them gay guys got lots of disposable income. I can serve fancy drinks and charge ten bucks a pop. What's in a martini.
Mel: Gin and Vermuth!
Moe: And what's that make?
Mel: A martini!
Moe: Never heard of it. But I'm still in favour of that same sex marriage deal.
Nelson: I propose we also legalize gay funerals. Starting with this guy.
Martin: I'm not gay, I'm nothing yet!
Song: When my man and I shop for wedding gowns we were mocked and shunned and pushed around, but yesterday we found a place to be gay, I'm going to marry my Harry in Springfield town. Gay-o, it's okay-o, tie the knot and spend all you dough. Gay-o, come stay-o. Visit our website for further info.
Marge: As long as two people love each other, I don't think god cares if they have the same hoo-hoo or ha-ha.
Nelson: Ha Ha!

Homer: Now to answer all the popups. Ooh a talking moose wants my credit card number, that's only fair.
Homer: And do you Julio take Thad to be your lawful wedded life partner, in Mass and Vermont, maybe Canada, stay out of Texas, as long as you both are gay.
Bart: All you can do now is wait for some other guys to turn.
Homer: Hmm, where's Lenny and Carl.
Marge: Don't you push them! They've gotta work that out for themselves.
Homer: What's that thing called when a guy is gay for a girl.
Marge: Straight.
Homer: Hahaha Ooh look at me, I'm as straight as a one dollar bill, la dee dah, ooh!
Homer: Do you Cletus take Brandine to be.. wait a minute are you two brother and sister?
Brandine: We's all kind of things.
Homer: If you love the bible so much why don't you marry it. In fact I now pronounce you and the bible man and wife, and you're the wife!
Patty: Hey, saturated fats, I came to ask you a favour.
Homer: Let me get my belt sander maybe I could grind the ugly off your face
Patty: Very funny.
Homer: I wasn't joking.
Patty: You're not disappointed are you?
Marge: Nono, I'm just surprised!
Homer: Yeah big surprise, hey Marge, he'res another bomb. I like beer!

Marge: I guess that fear I always had of you stealing Homer away is unfounded.
Homer: Marge I'd be a lot more worried about me leaving you for a sausage patty than your sister Patty.

Homer: Now Patty here's a veil I picked out just for you.
Patty: Smells like cheeseburgers.
Homer: Give it back!

Homer: That's the stupidest idea I've ever heard. And I know exactly who would pay top dollar for it.
Lady: You've reached Fox. If you're pitching a show where gold digging skanks get what's coming to them, press one. If you're pitching a ripoff of another network's reality show, press two. Please stay on the line, your half baked ideas are all we've got.

Lisa: I thought you said aunt Patty was just waiting for the right man.
Bart: As opposed to you who grabbed the first blimp that floated by.
Homer: Correction, the first blimp who got her pregnant.

Patty: You got married three times.
Selma: Actually, four. You see last week,
Disco Stu: Disco Stu just got an annulment from John Paul II

Patty: I don't know about Marge though. If she doesn't show up today I have no non-identical sister.

Homer: You handsome devil! Some day they'll let you and me get married. Can you imagine the children
Oh I love you Homer, I love you too Homer. Oh, oh Homer.

Veronica: But now I'm asking you not as Veronica but as the man I am, Leslie Robin Swisher, Patty will you marry the real me?
Patty: Hell no, I like girls!

Lisa: Well that's the end of dad's wedding business.
Bart: Why?

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