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GABF03: Pranksta Rap
Bart: Man are you 'illin.
Lisa: Rappers stopped saying 'illin 12 years ago.
Bart: I'm keepin it real!
Lisa: They stopped saying keepin' it real 3 years ago.
Bart: Mom Lisa's dissin' me!
Marge: Dissin, do rappers still say that?
Bart: Dad can I go to a rap concert. Tickets are 50 bucks.
Homer: Go to hell!
Bart: Okay, what if I pay for it myself.
Homer: Fine, go nuts.
Bart: I love you dad.
Homer: I love you too Jerry.

Homer: Let me explain the situation in terms you'll understand.
You did it on the street, got your dad's permission, but your mom dropped a bomb so I flipped my position.
Marge: Don't argue with Marge, I know what's best. The only rap in this crib keeps sandwiches fresh. Fresh-fr-fresh, for mommie's baby boy!
Homer: Baby boy, baby boy, b-b-b-baby boy!
Bart: Well, I paid for this ticket, that makes me an adult, I'm going. I love you Krusty-wusty :kisses:
Bart: Don't critique my technique I'm no geek I make the principal nervous, my friends can confirm it, I'll bust a spitwad in your epidermis. You can trace my remore to its supersize source, a hungry hungry hypocrite named Homer of course, my old man's pathetic, damn is his head thick, the gas from his ass is carconogenic, every day I pray his DNA ain't genetic.
50 Cent: The more you know, the further you go, and that's one to grow on. Does that count as community service.
Lady: No.
50 Cent: Aight take me to the park, we'll pick up some dog poo.

Marge: Follow instructions and Bart will not be harmed.
Homer: This'll be the worst Thanksgiving dinner ever!
Marge: Thanksgiving's not for months!
Homer: The bad news keeps on coming!
Wiggum: Hey I crack cases all the time. Like the case of the symphony conductor who murdered his star cellist.
Lou: That was an episode of Columbo, chief. They show you who the bad guy is at the beginning of each one.
Wiggum: Yeah but you have to remember.
Homer: Send a finger wrapped in todays paper to prove you have him. You can use any section of the paper except Metro it's a big snooze.
Wiggum: Lets get this tape back to the lab for analysis.
Lou: We have a lab?
Wiggum: Yeah it's that room we keep the Christmas decorations in.
Wiggum: I need the name of everybody who buys Chinsy Pop popcorn.
Apu: Oh Chinsy Pop is the worst legal popcorn. Many of the kernels are baby teeth. There are only two idiots cheap enough to buy this crap, you and..
Kurt: Oh baby, is there anything better than video poker and Chinsy Pop.
Wiggum: We're putting you in a dirty little cell. Not as small and dirty as this apartment but you know it's still pretty bad.
Bart: Milhouse if you tell anyone I'll tell the world you wet your pants watching Harry Potter.
Milhouse: I wasn't scared, I was just peeing.

Wiggum: Lou, you're promoted to Chief Of Police.
Lou: Sweet!
Wiggum: And Eddie, you're promoted to Lou.
Eddie: Nice, and uh, who's gonna be Eddie?
Wiggum: We don't need an Eddie.

Wiggum: Bart please you can't take this away from me. How would I explain it to Ralphie. That kid can't understand where the world goes when you close the drapes.

Skinner: A chance to bring down Bart Simpson. Our school's second most wanted criminal after the mysterious El Barto?

Wiggum: Your daughter's gonna blow the whole deal sky high!
Homer: You leave Maggie to me!
Wiggum: No, Lisa!
Homer: Not her! She'll hunt us down relentlessly!

Bart: Homer is a fat load!
Everyone: Homer is a fat load!

Skinner: Do you think there's a place in the hiphop world for a 40something elementary school administrator.
Alcatraz: Hell yes, but I'm already paying a guy for that.
Chalmers: Skinner! I order you to step off, dawg. I think they're making fun of me but my wife is very sick!

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