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GABF02: Homer And Ned's Hail Mary Pass
Crazy Cat Lady: Uh, this whole place is disgusting!
Marge: I agree. Hey! Aren't you that crazy cat lady.
Crazy Cat Lady: Yes I am, but thanks to this psychoactive medication I enjoy brief moments of lucidity.
Marge: Those are just Reece's Pieces!
Comic Book Guy: My name is Jeff Albertson, everybody calls me Comic Book Guy.

Homer: L is for Loser which describes you-sir, don't try to stop me, just enjoy the view sir.
Kid: Grampa, will you take me fishin?
Old Man: Sorry Jimmy, Your grandma and I are going to have old people sex. Thankyou Jammetin!
Todd: If Kane and Abel were Adam and Eve's only children, how did they make more babies?
Rod: Did they make babies with their mother or with each other.
Ned: Your mouth is hopin' for a soapin boy now stop askin silly questions and go kill your brother.
Nurse: This is Timmy Thomas, he has Timmy Thomas disease.
Timmy: Could you do an obnoxious endzone dance for me today. Pweese.

Homer: Lenny, could I move you from Wednesday at noon to Sunday at six.
Lenny: Homer you know that's when I play with neighbourhood dogs!
Homer: Alright I'll work it out.
Lenny: Aw you guys are what it's all about.
Frink: Sir you have revealed to me a world of faith beyond the world of science. I would play to see it again and again and again and again but NOT SIX TIMES!
Dr. Hibbert: I also would pay to see it again.
Kearney: Me too, here's some guys wallet!
Dr. Hibbert: I am that guy!
Carl: You could take a lesson from Flanders. You know, inject your services with a little razzle dazzle.
Lovejoy: Well I already do if by razzle you mean piety and by dazzle you mean scriptual accuracy.
Carl: What a tool.
Mr. Burns: And what would you use instead of nuclear power.
Marge: Solar
Carl: Hydro electric
Moe: A mix of conservation and wind.
Mr. Burns: Who told you about those.
Carl: A talking tree in a commercial.
Homer: Hahaha, I'm the worst thing to happen to sport since Fox.
Guy: We want you to produce this year's SuperBowl half time show.
Homer: Wow, at last my pathetic little life has a meaning. Hee hee, you suckers I woulda done it for free.
Texan: Fine, do it for free!
Homer: Dammit, well, I'll still do it. Hehe, suckers, I would have paid you.
Texan: Fine, pay us!
Homer: Oh dammit, will you take a check.
Priest: I know pronounce you Pacman and wife :Lets Get Physical plays:

Ned: I'm like Michael Moore except I'm skinny, my jeans are washed and god loves me.

Ned: Just wish I would find a way to spread my message.
Homer: Have you tried checking the oil filter.
Ned: Are you even listening to me?
Homer: Sure I'd be happy to tell you my problem.

Ned: Maybe god brought us together for a reason.
Homer: Yeah, you help me and I in turn are helped by you!

Homer: I thought America was hungry for meaning. I shoulda just sent a crocodile into space like I originally planned.

Marge: Homie I think you did great. And to celebrate I made omlette's with the eggs people threw at our house!

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