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FABF23: Treehouse Of Horror XV
Bart: Am I the only one here who's in horrible pain.
Homer: You're the only one who wont shut up about it.
Hibbert: Ned you nearly died of a brain tumor. Thank goodness that bowling ball knocked it out of your head. Welcome back dog.

Moleman: Help me, some bullies threw my shoes over a telephone wire. With me in them!
Ned: Uh, you die eating a submarine sandwich.
Homer: What kind of bread.
Ned: Uh, country parmesan.
Homer: I'll never go back. Starting tomorrow. Today is Lenny's birthday and they're having ice cream cake.
Ned: But you're gonna kill us all!
Homer: But icecream cake!
Ned: Homer, do not press the core destruct button. :translates to Press -static- destruct button!: Don't do it, don't do it, you'll kill everyone! :Do it -static- do it -static- kill everyone!:

Wiggum: I want you to dust her for prints.
Eddie: What does that mean?
Wiggum: The prince is coming by and I want her clean when he looks her over.
Apu: Please I am not a killer, I am but a humble purveyor of disgusting British food. Head pudding, eel pies.
Wiggum: Eel pie, my favourite! We British sure eat crap.
Lisa: What are you doing in an opium den.
Wiggum: It's the only way I can get ralphie to go to sleep.
Ralph: I can make Opi-o's
Bart: He coulda killed this one days ago. The body is bloated and the face is rotten.
Selma: It was five minutes ago, you twit!
Wiggum: Why can't you be more like Eddie. He never says a word against me.
Lou: That's cause you cut out his tongue.
Cat Lady: :jibberish, used in translator: I have a serious brain disease, please give me a cat.
Frink: Now now, don't worry my dear woman she will be rocked gently to sleep by the stomach acids.
Burns: Now I insist you take off your shoes when you get inside. And while youre in there grab as much cancer as you can.

Homer: Has science ever kissed a woman, or won the superbowl, or put a man on the moon? This is what I think of your precious science. Aaah! Help me science.

Marge: Bart what are you doing?
Bart: Taking a whizz.
Marge: Stop that, we're guests in Mr. Burns.

Burns: :explosion heard: Well, that hurt like hell!

Bart: Mom, did you have to fly out through all those boogers.
Marge: Cut me some slack, I'm a widow!

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