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FABF22: She Used To Be My Girl
Lisa: It's a media circus.
Homer: Woohoo, the circus!
Lisa: A media circus.
Homer: Woohoo! I don't know the difference.
Marge: This is the most exciting scandal since the juice was on the loose.
Lisa: The juice is still on the loose.

Kent: Channel Six News rocks! A car chase every night or the weather girl wears a tube top. And if she doesn't, you win a pizza!
Homer: I've figured out a way we can get in on this Quimby lawsuit. Bart, go ahead.
Bart: Mayor Quimby is my-er-uh, father. Give me one million dollas.
Luigi: You insult me, you insult Italy. Which is shaped like a boot. Who knew?
Homer: Oh Chloe. These kebabs you made are as good or better than anything I've ever had at this table.
Marge: Homer!
Homer: Oh Marge I'm just being polite.

Chloe: This is the dance the Chinese government makes dissidants do before they shoot them. I-yen-go. I-yen-go. I-yen-go.
Homer: I-chunk-cho! I-chunk-cho! I-chunk-cho! I-chunk-cho!
Marge: Homer what are you doing.
Homer: I swallowed a chicken bone. I-chunk-cho!
Marge: When we published the story, we received the school's highest award.
Principal: Ladies it is my great pleasure to award you these certificates of merit. In this box marked honorary, write your names, and over here write in what you did.
Barney: I love you Chloe. And I love you too, brake fluid!
Lisa: Mom, Chloe just won the peabody award.
Marge: Well I just made the bathroom floor smell like lemons. Where's the award for that.
Homer: Good news Marge, I've learned to walk naked on stilts.
Brodka: You want you mic back local anchor.
Kent: This just in, I'm pissed off!
Homer: I just hate to see you upset, honey. You know what would be a good name for Maggie. Chloe!
Homer: Ladies, there's no need to fight over me.
Marge: No-one's fighting over you.
Homer: Oh well then carry on.

Man: I need you to get over to Mt. Springfield, it's about to erupt!
Chloe: Don't we have a reporter who specializes in natural disasters.
Man: Yeah he's busy covering Julia Roberts last haircut. But seriously he's dead, Now get going.

Marge: I don't see Lisa in any of the seminars.
Homer: And I'm growing ashamed of my penis.

Homer: Look, I'll save Lisa, your place is here with the women.
Women: BOOOO!
Homer: Okay you go save Lisa, I'll stay here with the women.
Women: BOOOO!
Homer: What do women want!?

Wiggum: I'm sorry folks, you're not allowed to go up there. In fact, I don't even know why I'm here. This lava is not a criminal, it hasn't hurt anybody :a man screams in pain: Anybody I know!

Lisa: Mom, your hair!
Marge: Don't worry, we've got two hours before it burns down to my head.

Chloe: Lisa what are you doing in there.
Lisa: Praying to Buddah, Jesus, SpongeBob, there's no time to be picky!
Buddah: Perhaps we should help?
SpongeBob: Screw her :laughs like a jackass:

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