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FABF20: All's Fair In Oven War
Homer: I don't wanna buy this house, I'd have to live next door to myself.
Homer #1: Turn that down! Homer #2: Screw you!
Homer: They charge for materials AND labour. Pick one, jerks!

Marge: I'm not wearing any clothes, so why don't I just splay myself on a pool table.
Bart: I could make the treehouse look like this. Then we could have orgies. Whatever they are.
Milhouse/Bart: We are Playdude playmates, we are Playdude playmates.
Marge: I think you used too much plaster.
Homer: Oh now you tell me.
Marge: I never stopped telling you.
Homer: So that's what that white noise was.

Mel: Hazaah for Marge!
Marge: And how bout a hazaah for my husband who paid for our new kitchen.
Mel: Never!
Apu: Mrs. Simpson you must pursue your dreams, like my old dream of coming to America and starting a family, or my new dream of ditching my family and sneaking back to India in disguise. Apu, never heard of him, my name is Steve Barnes.
Wiggum: Sorry Ralphie, the bake-off rejected your recipe.
Ralph: I wanna be in the bake-off!
Wiggum: There there, I think your grilled crayon sandwich was delicious.
Ralph: You only had a pretend bite.
Wiggum: No I'm eating it, look!
Ralph: Can you taste the thumbtacks?
Wiggum: Uh crap.
Nelson: Haw haw! Bart looks different today.
Bart: Be there or be square.
Ralph: I wanna be a triangle.
Bart: You're not invited.
James Caan: Hey Bart, me and Mrs. Krabappel are gonna go play some backgammon, if you know what I mean.
Bart: I don't but I hope you win.
Edna: Oh he's gonna win.
Caan: Some guys like a challenge. Not me.
Marge: Stop, you're tainting my entry.
Luigi: Oh I'm so sorry. It was how you say, done with malice a forethought, yes?
Marge: You did it on purpose?
Luigi: No no no, my English is not so good, i was how you say, ruining your food so I win, yes?
Bart: My Roddy told a joke about an octopus and a set of bagpipes and the punchline implied that they fornicated.

Marge: If i can feed a family of five on twelve dollars a week, I can do anything.
Lisa: You feed us on twelve dollars a week?
Marge: I stretch your fathers meatloaf with sawdust.

Homer: Hey honey is mom winning?
Lisa: Oh she'll win the contest, but she'll lose her soul.
Homer: But she'll still win the contest?
Lisa: And lose her soul.
Homer: But win the contest?
Lisa: Yes.
Homer: Woohoo!

Homer: Will you excuse us, Milton?
Milhouse: It's Milhouse.
Homer: Yeah and your father's no-house. Now scram!

Bart: I'm just speading the Playdude philosophy. Hi fi's, Norman Nailer, gettin' some.
Homer: Um, what do you think 'some' is?
Bart: Um... toys?

Homer: It's time to tell you the facts of life. Do you know what a boob is?
Bart: Oh yeah.
Homer: Good, that'll save us some time.

Homer: Why do you think your mother and I sleep in the same bed?
Bart: Because we're poor?
Homer: Exactly, and we're poor because we have kids. And the biological method by which children are created by a man and a woman is...

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