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FABF16: Midnight Rx
Lisa: What? Can't we sit on the couch without something happening?
Lisa: It doesn't seem fair to the regular visitors.
Brandine: We drove 18 hours to come here.
Cletus: On the plus side, this rope is mighty soft. Touch it kids.

Homer: Lighten up Marge, this is my chance to relax with people from work I never get to see. Like this guy.
Guy: I'm your supervisor!
Homer: Really? How am I doing?
Bart: Lis, Mr. Burns is the sweetest kindest man I know.
Lisa: How many men do you know.
Bart: Basically him and dad.
Moe: I bought this for my funeral. It aint got no back so don't make me turn around. Hey I'm paying for a silk lined coffin and dammit, i'm gonna feel it.
Homer: Wow, A wooden plane. It's about time trees were good for something. Instead of just standing there like JERKS!

Burns: The employee prescription drug program is terminated. In these days of rising health care costs, bla bla, lip service, lip service, GET OUT!
Lisa: This must be the nasty surprise he mentioned in the invitation.
Homer: Do you think those guys on Friends need another friend?
Lisa: That show's gone off the air.
Homer: Dammit, I woulda been perfect as Rachel's irish cousin. So youuu're doin' each other are ya, but who's gonna put out for old Shamus.
Homer: As long as I only work 5 hours a day, no heavy lifting, no light clerical, none of that secret santa crap, tasteful nudity.
Guy: Let me see what I've got :plays video game:
Game: You have defeated the doombot and sealed the portal. Fobos is safe.
Homer: Fobos. That's a good job for me.
Wiggum: I've had to medicate Ralphie with stuff from the evidence locker.
Ralph: I'm coo-coo for contraband!
Lisa: Drugs aren't so expensive in other countries.
Man: In other countries families also lie on the floor and eat bugs.
Lisa: What countries are those?
Man: Ever been to Norway?
Lisa: No.
Man: Well they do it in Norway.
Video: The mighty Amazon river. The natives had a word for it, then we got rid of the natives and nobody remembered that word. But here's some words everyone remembers by Huey Lewis and the News.
Huey Lewis: I want a new drug! One that wont make me sick. One that wont make me crash my car, or make me feel three feet thick. I want a new drug. One that wont hurt my head...
Nurse: For those of you who survive the night, we'll be having waffles tomorrow.
Jasper: Ooh, waffles.
Marge: Well, the drug company wont do anything to help us.
Abe: I've got the answer!
Homer: Dad?
Abe: Oh thank god its the right place, I burst into four homes before this one.

Guard: Anything to declare?
Homer: I declare that you have the most beautiful brown eyes.
Guard: Why I do believe you're smuggling, A heart as big as all outdoors. Now get in my country you big lug.

Apu: It is Mr. Homer , my favorite customer. Please feel free to paw through my Playdudes and tell me to go back to some country I am not actually from.

Ned: Help me out Homer, my little Roddy needs his insulin. Breaks my heart to watch him Jones-diddly-onesing.
Homer: Flanders. I dunno, I mean you havent done anything for me since you lent me that 5000 bucks yesterday.

Apu: Ten minutes alone with my squishee machine. Do what you will.
Homer: No cameras?
Apu: :disgusted: No cameras.

Ned: Hello neighbourino to the north! I sure like the cut of your jibberish.
Canadian: Oh indodily doodily
Ned/Canadian: Doodily diddly, diddly doddly doodily :etc:
Canadian: Say, would you like to puff on a reeferino. It's legal here.
Ned: They warned me satan would be attractive.

Announcer: Former US astronaut was taken into custody.
Homer: Oh my butt looks so big during perp walks.

Guy: We've confiscated your car and its contents.
French Translator: Nous avons confisqué votre voiture et son contenu
Guy: You may leave Canada, but never return
French Translator: Vous pouvez quitter le Canada, mais ne retournez jamais.
Guy: I am a big fat French idiot.
French Translator: Je suis un grand gros - HEY!

Smithers: Before I die there are words I've always longed to say. :chokes:
Burns: Feat not Smithers, I'll move heaven and earth to save you. It's still easier than teaching a new assistant my filing system.

Burns: Now, we have three parachutes. This one's for me, and these two are gifts for my nephews. Tally ho.

Wiggum: Alright, you're under arrest.
Abe: On what charge?
Wiggum: Making a police chief go "daah, ah!"

Wiggum: Like it says in the Springfield police handbook, if you can't beat em, join em.
Lou: You know I've been checking the handbook and a lot of things you say aren't in there at all.
Wiggum: Yeah well, look a little closer, Lou.

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