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FABF17: Bart-Mangled Banner
Lisa: This is ridicluous. Only babies and ex-junkies are afraid of needles. Stick me, chuckles. :cries: Can I have a lollypop?
Hibbert: Cancel all my appointments.
Moleman: But I need that kidney now!

Moe: Okay well I really enjoyed being you Dr. Hibbert, oh by the way you're not welcome in the library no more. I'm sorry.
Hibbert: The boy's hearing should clear up in a day, if he doesn't, call me in the Bahamas. For now he can express himself with this complementary pen.
Homer: Cool.
Hibbert: Oh it's a good pen, try it out. That was a malpractise waiver, fool!
Willie: I know what you're hiding, lad. Willie's been deaf since the boiler explosion of 88. But I've taught myself to read lips.
Guy: Morning, Willie!
Willie: What did you say about my mother!? For your information her feet stank cause she works in manure all day, but it's still the best damn Starbucks in Glasket.
Homer: Donkey Basketball? Now I've heard everything. Unlike YOU! Ahahah! Haha! Oh, everybody remember that for when his hearing comes back.
:everybody's laughing:
Welcome everyone to the annual donkey basketball classic. I'm sure that.. mule enjoy it!
:everybody stops laughing:
Skinner: Mmm, tough crowd.
Marge: He was deaf!
Skinner: Oh I'm sure Marge, just like blind Bart, wheelchair Bart, pregnant Bart, and my personal favorite, railroad spike through head Bart.
Homer: Hehehe kids love trains.
Journalist: I want you to overhype this story so much it makes the New York Post look like the New York Times. Or the New York Times look like the New York Post. I forget which one the good one is.
Homer: Cold shoulder, huh? I'll just talk to myself. How you doing Homer? Oh not too bad how bout you. Oh I'm fine, your wife was great in bed last night. You keep your hands off my wife! Oh yeah well I give her what she needs :Homer strangles himself:
Lisa: In the last 2 hours I've gotten one thousand hate-spams.
Homer: Hello. Appear on your TV show? Tell our side of the story? You'll see us there? Goodbye? Dialtone!?
Host: Is that why you and your son hate us?
Marge:If by us you mean loudmouth talkshow hosts, which everyone seems to be in this country, then yes, I do hate Americans!
Guy: Simpsons, you're under arrest for violation of the Government Knows Best act.
Rev. Lovejoy: Martha, play something to lighten the mood :she plays Take Me Out To The Ball Game:
Homer: Buy me some peanuts and cra-ckerjacks.

Democrat: Well you got no choice, it's the only way you'll achieve your goal. GOAL! SWEET SWEET GOAL!

Homer: Fifty stars and thirteen stripes.
Marge: Okay kids, show off your pipes!
Bart: Americans are brave and loyal, so come on jerks, give us your oil.
Lisa: My card here says ACLU, now look what I'm going to do.
Homer: To love our country is no chore
Marge: Wait right here for our encore.

Homer: Okay kids show off your pipes!
Bart: Dad, why are you still singing that stupid song?
Homer: Because if they catch us we may have to do it again. And this time I want it tight!

Man: Hold your fire, that walrus will eat them.
Man 2: No! That's the dad!
Man: But he's eating a seal!

Homer: Here no-one calls me a fat jerk. I'm a 'guh monnd'

Lisa: The United States has it's grandeur and its folleys but mostly it's the place where all our stuff is.
Marge: I wish we could go back, but I dont think we're welcome there.
Homer: No Marge, there's one group that's always welcome in America. Immigrants without ID's.

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