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FABF14: Catch 'Em If You Can
Bart: Welcome to lecture #8 on the waterbaloon. Yesterday I asked everyone to think of other liquids you could fill a balloon with.
Milhouse: Water? :Nelson punches him:
Bart: Thankyou Nelson.
Kearney: Hot sauce!
Bart: Kearney, that could blind someone. You get an A.
Ralph: Why can't you be friends like me and Mr. Finger. Ow! You have betrayed me for the last time!

Bart: It's your fault for giving birth to my arch enemy!
Lisa: At least I was planned!
Marge: Stop it! No one was planned!
Lisa: Why are we even going? Last year uncle Tyron was bitter and depressed.
Happy Birthday To You!
Tyron: Why wont I die!
Pimple Kid: I'm sorry sir, the computer says the movie Chocolate Star Wars doesn't exist!
Homer: I say you don't exist!
Pimple Kid: No, I'm right here under staff.
Homer: Son, seeing sappy movies with a lady has certain payoffs.
Bart: Like what, they'll do something with you that they hate?
Homer: Exactly!
Marge: Homey If I died would you be sad?
Homer: Eh, I wouldn't be happy.
Homer: We don't have boarding passes, but we need to get on that plane for reasons that are utterly insane.
Guy: Go ahead, what do I care I'm getting laid off tomorrow.
Air Hostess: Sir what would you like for dinner. A steak, or two steaks?
Homer: Can I have both?
Homer: Come on everybody have some sexual congress, not the kind of congress that contains Paul Tsongas.
Guy: I'm sorry we're not supposed to give out passenger's itineraries.
Bart: I understand. Hey what's that crazy girl doing?
Lisa: I'm going into the gold medallian club, with a silver level membership!
Guy: The hell you are!
Bart: So, mom and dad are going to Atlantic City, but their luggage isn't! And Homer's getting a low-fat meal.
Homer: Noooooooooooo!
Lisa: They probably do this all the time, this whole family is built on a tissue of lies and romance.
Bart: Yeah, it's a tissue covered in blood and boogers!
Bart: Whaddya wanna play?
Lisa: How about "The Floor Is Made Of Lava!" :the kids bounce around the room:
Homer: All I wanted was a second honeymoon. And now the floor is made of lava.

Bart: Yeah I agree, I mean you are pretty annoying.
Lisa: I guess the hunt was more fun than the catch.
Bart: Hey I just zinged you.
Lisa: I know. My new thing is to ignore you. When you grow up I'll be outside.

Marge: Homey why don't we just go home, wait till the kids fall asleep and have sex in the car.
Homer: 'cause I was saving that for my birthday.

Homer: This must be what it's like to be in space.
Marge: You've been to space!
Homer: And yet I've never been to me!

Homer: Oh you're on my hair! Oh that's better.

Ned: My credit card bill seems a little chunky this month. Let's see what's going on Vis-a-vis the Visa. AAAAAHHH!

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