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FABF13: The Way We Weren't
Milhouse: I don't understand this game Bart. How come we have to rake your lawn while you just get to sit there?
Bart: Because I'm it! Now, whoever finishes first gets lemonade. For me.
Bart: Okay ladies, don't you have a poodle to dress up?
Sherri: Fine, we'll go! We'll find some other way to entertain our boy crazy cousin who thinks you're cute.
Bart: Oh, I wouldnt mind pushing that in the mud!

Milhouse: Round and round the bottle twirls I hope it stops on one of the girls. I hope you like the taste of ringworm medicine!
Homer: Eew, I kissed that sad weird kid! My beer! You never had a chance to become my urine!
Homer: Underpriveleged? You pretended we were poor just to get me into camp?
Abe: Ah, yeah, pretended.
Homer: I thought we were gonna play fun games at camp!
Moe: Oh here's one! It's called stay outta my way!
Homer: An eye patch! But I've got a date tonight!
Moe: Oh don't worry, chicks love that kind of thing. Patches, scars, stumps. Everything but zits.
Homer: Who are you?
Captain: The sailing instruct-arrr. And on movie night, I run the project-arrr. Only PG, nothing R-rrrr. Yarr!
Homer: Oh, this is so confusing. I'd like a brief recess!
Lisa: Granted.
Homer: Whee, recess!
Bart: You're lame!
Homer: Why, because I only kissed one girl in my whole life? That's still one more than you.
Bart: I've kissed three girls.
Homer: Oh I'm so lame!
Marge: I used to walk like this all the time. Until my tendons snapped. They heard it in Shelbyville!
Helen: I bet it's something low-rent. Like Billy Bob.
Selma: Or Homer!
Cookie: Big ugly Homer!
Marge: Oh I'm sure it's a much nicer name than Homer.
Homer: Uh, think Homer think!
Marge: What did you say?
Homer: I'm Elvis. Elvis Jagger. Elvis Jagger Abdul Jabar!
Bart: We've heard the same story two times now. Whose side are we gonna hear next, the sea captains?
Captain: No no, I best be on my way.
Marge: Will I see you again tomorrow?
Homer: Absolutely. Or my name isn't ... whatever I told you it was.

Bart: Men are dogs. The worse we treat you the more you want us!
Lisa: That's not what dogs do!
Bart: You said dog doo!

Instructor: No eating the grass!
Wiggum: He didn't say nuthin about this poison oak! Sweet sweet poison.

Marge: Hello? I'd like to speak to Elvis Jagger Abdul Jabar.
Moe: Hey don't you try to prank me with a fake name. I'd rip out your intestines and use them to make a lanyard. Hello? Hello? And that's the origin of that.

Selma: We know everything about boys. Except what they look like below the waist.
Patty: I have some theories based on a G I Joe I bought.

Cookie: Are you leaving camp because of that boy? Because that's what I've been telling everybody. You're also pregnant.

Instructor: We've got an emergency here. We need ten CC's pronto. And by CC's I mean cupcakes.
Guy: I know what you mean, Bill. I've worked here longer than you.

Homer: We shared something special!
Patty: What? Just 'cause she smooched you. :kisses Homer: Was that special!
Homer: No!

Bart: What are you doing! If they fight in front of us we might get new bikes!

Marge: Homer when your nerves are hurt for 30 years it doesn't go away in an instant.
Homer: What about now?
Marge: Oh!
Homer: What about now?
Marge: No Homer.
Homer: What about now?
Marge: No Homer!
Homer: What about now?
Marge: No Homer!

Homer: I've done way worse stuff since then. There was the gun I hid from you, the time I sued the church. Ruining Lisa's wedding in the future. Remember that?

Homer: Ooh, a letter from my old pen pal! Some day I'll write you back Osama.

Marge: Oh Elvis!
Homer: Oh anonymous girl who turned out to be Marge!

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