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FABF11: The Wandering Juvie
Yes Man: Sir, other customers need to use that dressing room!
Homer: Dressing room? Uh oh.
Bart: Name of groom, Bart Simpson. Name of bride, Lotta Cotties

Burns: What's the traditional pleasant gift in these parts, a milking cow?
Smithers: Actually silverware is all that's left on the registry.
Burns: See if Lenny wants to go in on a spoon.
Quimby: Remember, if anyone asks, you're my niece from out of town.
Lady: I am your niece, uncle Joe!
Quimby: Good lord! I'm an abomination!
Bart: Come on, Chief it was just a prank! Would some flatware make things right.
Wiggum: Um, what does it say on my badge? Cash bribes only! Lets go.
Wiggum: We've already got an informer working deep cover on your dad. One he'll never suspect.
Homer: Is it Lenny?
Wiggum: Dammit! I mean, no.
Ralph: Your eyes need diapers!
Homer: It's not all your fault. All these years I've watched you turn our son into a timebomb and yet I did nothing. So in a way, I too am a victim. Of you.
Lisa: His acting out was probably caused by negative reinforcement.
Homer: Oh, I get it, blame the strangler! Hm! ........ Hm!........... Hm!
Warden: Welcome aboard. This end's for beating, this end's for holding.
Homer: Uh huh, when does training start?
Warden: It just finished.
Homer: I brought you a lollipop from the guards lounge!
Bart: Nyaaa! Not so tough now, huh!?
Homer: Yeah uh... well that's the end of my shift .Seeya Monday. Oh wait Monday's Martin Luther King Day. Well I'll see you when I see you. Mwah! Love you!
Warden: The part of the brain that remembers dance steps is also the anger centre. So Juveniles who know how to foxtrot are 10% less likely to commit a double homicide.
Kid: Who conducted this study!?
Warden: The institute of SHUT YOUR FAT FACE. Now pair up.
Gina: Hands at 10 and 2, no eye contact, and I don't want to hear how pretty I look!
Bart: Don't worry, you wont!
Gina: Guess where the next one's going?
Bart: :muffled: Up my butt?

Gina: I'm telling them this was your idea.
Bart: Yeah why would they believe you.
Gina: Because I can do this. :cries: That mean boy. He dragged me out of the dance and I didn't want to go but he was too strong!
Bart: But you've got 20 pounds on me!
Gina: And then he said I was fat!
Bart: Oh I am screwed.

Kent: I am not chipping in on a birthday cake for that jackass Arnie Pie, let him eat... This is Kent Brockman, live at..

Kent: We've bought in an expert. Former underage defender Snake.
Snake: If they're smart, Kent, they'll stay off the main roads. It's all here in my book. Ten Habits Of Highly Sucessful Criminals.
Kent: Alright, I plugged your book, now put down the gun!
Snake: Tell them I'll be on Conan Thursday with Heather Locklear and Third Eye Blind.

Lisa: Why would Bart escape if he's gonna be released in two weeks?
Homer: You just don't understand boys. He's stupid!

Homer: Relax, what's the worse that can happen.
:has odd daydream:
Homer: No son of mine will be marched down the aisle at the barrell of a raygun. Let's go!

Bart: Gina, before we get any closer, there's something you need to know about me. I think girls are ickypants.

Bart: Wait, do you even have a family.
Gina: No I don't. They're imaginary. Like your brain!

Marge: You'll be in jail for so long. But I'll keep your room just the way it was. A Pigstye!

Wiggum: Take a good hard look at the innocent love in your son's eyes because when he gets out of prison It'll be gone forever. He will have a great bod though, and a couple of those teardrop tattoos. Those are cool!

Gina: There's something I have to tell you guys.
Lou: Look, my fly is down because it's broken, okay!

Warden: Well, my shift's over. I guess it's back to my bachelor apartment, make a tuna sandwich, turn on Will and Grace and cry myself to sleep.
Marge: Oh, would you like to join us?
Warden: Didn't you hear, I've got an evening planned!

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