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FABF08: The Ziff Who Came To Dinner
Lenny: I had a small speaking role.
Carl: Yeah, I went to visit him and was banned from the set.
Lisa: Mr. Leonard, how did you get in a movie?
Lenny: Hah. Classic Hollywood story. The director saw my photo in a medical book.
Rod: I'm scared!
Homer: Relax, stupid. Everything you see is make believe. Although it is based on a true story. Some of which happened in this very theater

Lisa: Dad, I don't like this movie. Can we go home
Homer: Oh honey don't be scared. Look, they killed the evil doll. :Lisa cries: Oh whaddya know, it's unkillable!
Homer: You have the right to remain sexy. Anything you touch can and will be held against you in the court of sex. If you cannot afford a sex-tourney..
Homer: I thought we killed him!
Marge: No we didn't!
Homer: But I did delete him from my bulk email list.
Marge: No you didn't.
Artie: That's right. Twice a week I get your email of the monkey peeing in his own mouth.
Homer: Oh yeah, that monkey got America through some tough times.
Artie: Let me explain. I was an internet billionaire.
Bart: Oop, say no more!
Artie: I would stop but I love my voice.
Artie: They even took my repo vans!
Artie: Don't worry. If you let me stay I'll be on my best behaviour. Not even a fresh remark. Except this one. Woweewowowow ZaZOOOOOOOOGA!
Artie: Doesn't your father ever read to you.
Lisa: He tried once but he got confused and thought the book was real. He's still looking for that chocolate factory. It consumes him.
Homer: Guys, I'd like you to meet Artie Ziff.
Jon Lovitz Characters: Helloooooo handsome!
Artie: Hello... losers!
Willie: I lost all me screw you money!
Skinner: I'm very sorry to hear that, Willie.
Willie: Screw you!
Moe: Wait a minute, how can you arrest Homer. This guy's the one what done the thing that why you're here for!
Homer: Refust to answer on the grounds that I what?
Lawyer: :whispers:
Homer: Ensaminate myself? Dudes, I think this guy's coming onto me.
Lawyer: You sir are a moron!
Homer: A mormon? But I'm from earth!
Artie: Marge, I think about a lot more than just moi.
Dream: Artie, Artie Artie Artie, Artie Artie Artie, Artie Artie Ziff Ziff Ziff Ziff Ziff Ziff!
Artie: Oh my god, she's right!

Bart: Donnie's friends get some payback on Daddy while he's sleeping. Daddy's on fire, daddy's not on fire, daddy's on fire, daddy's not on fire, daddy's on fire...
Marge: Daddy's not on fire.
Maggie: :cries:
Marge: Okay fine, he is!

Bart: Hey dad, maybe this'll cheer you up. Why you little :chokes self:
Homer: Oh, it's no use son. By the time I get out of here you'll be grown. Turn around, turn around, turn around and you're a young man. And you're too big to choke.

Moe: Well well, look who showed his face. The louse who sold out his only friend. You got a lotta nerve coming here, but since you did, what'll it be. First one's on the house.

Patty: Is this dump open. We were jogging and ran out of cigarettes.
Artie: Pardon me for intruding but I believe teenage girls shouldn't smoke.

Moe: Uh you know, they say that the love of a good woman can save any man.
Patty: Except you, freak.
Moe: Well if you change your mind you know where I am.
Patty: In my nightmares!
Moe: I'm gonna stop now.

Artie: :makes grunting noises:
Selma: What the hell are you doing?
Artie: I can't get my socks off.
Selma: Ah leave them on. I like a man with a little mystery. :kisses Artie:
Artie: I'm done.

Artie: Wonderful, glorious, magnificent. And you were pretty good too.

Selma: Well he can't break my heart, cause he kinda makes me sick. This could work!

Kent: Simpson's grateful family had this to say.
Marge: I'm so happy to be getting my husband back.
Bart: And I'm happy to listen to FM 95.3, home of Boomer and the Diz.
Marge: Bart!
Bart: Chill out mom, they gave me this hat.

Lisa: Oh, dad. I missed you so much!
Homer: Oh my god, Maggie you're talking.
Artie: Homer, I believe that's Lisa.
Homer: Oh Bart, what a man you've become!

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