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FABF03: Marge Vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples & Gays
Croc Hunter: That's a saltwater croc, the largest reptile in the world. Ow crikey, she's got me by the dangledill. This naughty little sheila can snap a man's ribcage like.. like that. AAAARGH.
Roofi: I like ice cream, I like ice cream, how bout you, how bout you? Topped with chocolate syrrup, topped with chocolate syrrup, whipped cream too, whipped cream too!

Bart: Why don't you let us watch tv and get her a Roofi CD.
Lisa: (in pig latin) Don't tell mum Roofie has CD's.
Bart: (in pig latin) Why not? What could go wrong?
Lisa: (in pig latin) She'll buy them, stupid!
Marge: (in pig latin) You know, I was young once too!
Bart/Lisa: (in pig latin) Crap..
Roofi: One two, tie your shoe, three four, take off the floor, five six, don't play tricks, seven eight, clean your plate, nine ten, start over again!
Bart: Please, make me write something on the chalkboard a thousand times.
Edna: We all got tired of that chalkboard years ago. Now go home!
Roofi: So he went up stairs and knocked on the door, there's a helpful bear on the 28th floor, 28th floor, 28th floor, there's a helpful bear on the 28th floor.
Roofi: If you don't come, Roofi will be sad, and the helpful bear, she will die! Tickets tickets buy them now, Roofi he will show you how, Visa Ammex or MC, or make out a check to me!
Cletus: They destroyed my home, and the equity I built up there in.
Kent: Asked if he intends to take legal action the farmer replied "I aint fungdified hi-de-hoo about no legrification, no ways." Then scratched his rear, hitched up his pants, and scratched his rear again.
Luigi: Hey tough tortellini. I am sick of printing a children's menu. Let Mickey Meatball find his own way out of the maze.
Mel: We're tired of buying overpriced tickets for your lousy school plays.
Marge: Then how would we ever get to see Camelot?
Mel: We'll merely watch the movie on tape.
Marge: Is that better? To me, Ralph Wiggum is Sir Lancelot.
Ralph: If ever I would leave you, it wouldn't be in summer!
Pimple Faced Kid: It's time to put away childish things.. :voice breaks: and become a man!
Quimby: From now on, children acting up in public places will be lightly tazed.
Kid: Mommy, pick me up :a tazer is heard:
Quimby: I wasn't kidding.
Bart: Mom I locked your keys in the car.
Marge: Then wait in the shadows!
Bart: Also Maggie puked in your purse again.
Marge: I wish to announce the formation of PPASSCCATAG. Proud parents against singles, seniors, childess couples and teens and gays.
Dr. Hibbert: Ppassccatag is also a disease of the brain stem. That's how I'll remember it!

Marge: The first thing we're gonna need is money :room is deserted and cricket is heard chirping:
Luigi: I'm so sorry Marge, but I guess you get the bill. :room is deserted and cricket is heard chirping: Oh for the love of pizza!
Man: Luigi Risotto?
Luigi: That's me!
Man: I'm from the US immigration department. :room is deserted and cricket is heard chirping:

Marge: Sign our petition.
Comic Book Guy: The only petitions that I sign are to bring back cancelled sitcoms, thankyou. America needs the wisdom of Herman's Head now more than ever.

Man: Howdy, ma'am I represent the tobacco lobby, and frankly no politics gets done in this country without a little help from us. :hands marge a check which she takes; man turns into devil: NOW WE OWN YOU!
Marge: But I haven't endorsed it yet!
Man: Football injury.. hehe!

Lady: As a mother, I love my family. That's why I'm against the Families Come First initiative. Families come first will hurt families. And I love my family too much for that.
Man In Marge Wig: I'm Marge Simpson! And even I'm against Families Come First. Now it's time to do some coke off the blade of a knife.
Marge: That ad makes me look like a criminal!
Homer: Then why did you appear in it?
Marge: That wasn't me!
Homer: Maybe she was you and you're not! How many kids do we have.
Marge: Three.
Homer: Wrong, lady! Oh.. wait, the baby.

Homer: Honey this marriage is a partnership. When you fall, I pick you up, and when you can't finish a sandwich, I eat that sandwich.

Homer: You've probably heard a lot of bad things about families come first, but newspaper writers are a bunch of jerks. Who really opposes families come first? Many childless advocates are like Ben Affleck. Famous, successful people from 'OUT OF STATE!' They live in fancy houses and other places. Families come first is supported by lifelong Springfieldians you know and trust. Like me, and Milhouse's dad, Bumblebee man, Surley Duff, and that jerk that goes "Ayeeeeesssss!" For more information, visit our website We're not affiliated, we're just piggybacking on their message board. I am Rudy Giuliani, do as I command you! I am Rudy Giuliani, do as I command youuuu!

Marge: I need to be alone right now.
Homer: Marge, wait. I am Rudy Giuliani, you must forgive Homer. I am Rudy Giuliani, you must forgive Homer.

Lisa: Oh my god! I just had my most brilliant idea ever.
Bart: Don't you mean my most brilliant idea ever.
Lisa: You don't even know what the idea is.
Bart: I know you have an ugly face.
Lisa: Bart, why are we fighting?
Bart: Because we're kids. Kids, maybe that's the answer!

The Yes Man: I'm afraid the polls have closed, and on prop 242 the winner is yeeeeeeeessss.

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