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EABF21: Treehouse Of Horror XIV
Bart: Good grief, this candy's terrible! Circus peanuts, raisins, nicotine gum, a libray card.
Kang: Pathetic humans! They're showing a Halloween episode in November!
Kodos: Who's still thinking about halloween? We've already got our Christmas decorations up!
Kang/Kodos: Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!

Death: I am death!
Homer: Death? We don't want any!
Bart: Please don't take me! Take Milhouse, we know there's no happy ending there!
Marge: Homer, it's trash day, would you just take him out to the curb!
Homer: I'll curb him! Without enthusiasm.
God: Hey, wait a minute. This isn't Marge. This is her fat sister, Selma.
Homer: It's Patty, chump! Hahahaha!
Marge: Thanks for not killing me, Homie. Here's an extra pork chop
Homer: Well, I'm gonna not kill you every week!
Frink: Mother used to say we got along like positrons and anti-nutrenos. Oh, yes, I'm a geek.
Frink: I don't want to go on this oceanagraphic expedition, father. I get seasick taking a shower. Clean but nautious.
Frink Snr: Clean, but nautious. With the rolling and the heaving and the you make me sick!
Frink: Oh papa, you're back! Now, we had to replace several vital organs with machinery, but that doesn't make you any less of a man except you have no penis.
Agnes: Lost your spine, huh? You just keep finding new ways to disappoint me!
Lisa: You can still fly to Stockholm.
Frink Snr: Well it better be first class. Comic Book Guy's ass wont fit in coach.
CBG: You may keep my posterior, just please return the Jaba the Butt tattoo.
Announcer: He explored the behaviour of individual molecules and chemical reaction. She's the sexy star of Alias. Please welcome Nobel Prize winner Dr. Dudley Herschbach and Emmy nominee, Jennifer Garner.
Jennifer: You know Dr. Herschbach, our jobs are actually not that different.
Dudley: I disagree.
Frink Snr: What a crowd! You all have such big hearts and such big brains, with large juicy dripping with knowlege heads. That's it, I'm going smorgasboard on these poindexters.

Bart: And I thought Halle Berry went nuts during her acceptance speech.
Homer: I wish I was death again, that was cool!

Frink Snr: And now it's time for me to go to hell. Ooh ow, oh ow eeh, oy ooh ow, dead!

Jennifer: This is the most exciting nobel prize ceremony ever!
Dudley: I disagree!

Bart: Milhouse, do you have your change purse?
Milhouse: Always!

Bart: To stop time, click watch. :to Lisa: Wow, she looks like a background character in a Hanna Barbera cartoon!

Bart: Do you know what this means?
Milhouse: Yeah, but you say it first
Bart: We can do anything we want!
Milhouse: Lets get really far ahead on our homework! Wait till the other kids see we're already on the RED unit of Adventures In Reading.

Quimby: People, Springfield is in crisis! Fingers have been shoved up noses, pants have been pulled down and *click* mayors *click* have *click* been *click* repeatedly *click* humiliated. Dammit!

Bart: Things are stuck like this forever.
Milhouse: Well, I couldn't be happier. I'm the second coolest kid on earth.

Milhouse: I'm gonna play naked basketball!
Bart: No! You're not.

Bart: When people see all the stuff we did they're gonna kill us.
Milhouse: Yeah, and I can't run too fast after 15 years of eating nothing but Gummi worms.

Marge: Why is Bart so tall, and shaggy?
Homer: Just one of life's mysteries. Like why is my nose jammed full of army men.

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