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EABF07: I'm Spelling As Fast As I Can
Bart: I can't just sit here watching this junk! :lies down: ah, that's better.
Ray Romano: Alright Frankenstein, that's a three second violation.
Frankenstein: No blame Frankenstein, me made from corpses of Denver Nuggets.

Boobarella: Then you can see more of my boooooobs :evil laugh:
Apu: At the Kwik-E-Mart, where we believe in America. Please, don't beat me up anymore.
Ribwich Commercial:
Like a rib, it tastes like liberty,
Like a rib, with a barn of sesame
Man: We start with authentic letter graded meat, and process the hell out of it, until it's good enough for Krusty!
Krusty: Try my new Krusty Ribwich.. mmmmm! I don't mind the taste!
Bart: Dude, take it easy on the fatty foods. You're running out of leg veins to transplant into your heart!
Homer: I've got arm veins, don't I?
Seymour: :singing: Schooools back in session. Leeeets begin the lessons.
Seymour: Uh, Willie, did you get the letter about your pay cut?
Willie: Aye, there'll be many a cut this year.
Seymour: Indeed there will. Budget wise, of course.
Bart: Come on, man, everyone knows the first day of school is a total wank.
Seymour: Well, if by "wank" you mean educational fun, then stand back it's wanking time!
Seymour: Bart, your word is imply.
Bart: Imply. I M P.
Nelson: Bart said "I am pee", he's made of pee!
Bart: Well, I got my laugh, I'm out of here.
Ralph: I made Bart in my pants!
Seymour: Milhouse, your word is "choke"
Milhouse: Oh, I know this one, it's so easy, "F".... oh man! :crowd laughs:
Seymour: Stop laughing! It will scar him for life! Heheh, it is kinda infectious.
Lisa: I M P
Bart: Hey, Lisa said she was..
Nelson: Shut up, pee!
Seymour:And here's your prize for today, a scale model of the planet Mars.
Lisa: This is just a kick ball with Mars written on it.
Seymour: Behold! The red planet!
Marge: I'm just happy you're excited about something besides saving the whales. Face it, they're doomed!

Homer: Oh I could like you all day long.
Ribwich Guy: And yet my children think I'm a failure.

Pimple Faced Kid: Sir, are you alright?
Homer: I have eaten the ribs of god!
Pimple Faced Kid: Drool cleanup at register four!

Lisa: Could you use it in a sentence?
Chalmers: Nothing could ameliorate the ineptitude of Principal Skinner.
Seymour: I wish he wouldn't use me in every example.

Marge: Oh our little girl's got her own cheering section.
Homer: Hey, who doesn't.
Lenny: You tell her, Big H.
Carl: You're the man!
Moe: Ah you aint so hot.

Homer: Three ribwiches please, and instead of a shake, i'd like a blended ribwich.

Pimple Faced Kid: The ribwich was for a limited time only.
Homer: Not again! First you take away my Filly Fudge Steak, then my Bacon Balls, then my Whatsama-chicken. :cries: You monster! :composes himself: I'd like a large fries, please, and a collectors cup.

Kent Brockman: In business news, 3M and Eminem have merged to form, get this, Ultradyne Systems. And speaking of news stories, here's.. another. Springfield spelling phenom has qualified for spellings answer to the Olympics, the Spellympics. In a related story, the Spellympics is being sued by the Olympics for the use of the suffix.. lympics. Ugh. This has got to be the slowest news day ever! Ah that's better. Paris is no more! The legendary city of lights has been extinguished forever as a massive...

Marge: I before E except after C
Lisa: Except when pronounced like "ay" as in "neighbor" and "weigh"
Marge: Really? What about in the sentence "Jim Nabors is way cool"?
Lisa: How often is that going to come up?
Marge: It's on my apron!

Cletus: Hey lookie, it's that youngin' what sorts them squiggles into words. Can you spell scabies?
Lisa: S C A B I E S
Brandine: Rubella, we got you a middle name!

Otto: Spell AC/DC
Lisa: A C D C !
Otto: Uh uh, you forgot the lightning bolt!

Barney: Relapse!
Lisa: R E L A P S E
Barney: :sings: That's what beer has done to me! Sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me.

Moe: Come on dimples, spell something else for us.
Lisa: I'm a little tired..
Moe: Aw come on, spell "little miss she thinks she's so big!"
Lisa: Uhh.. very well. L I T T L E M I S S ..
Moe: I aint got time for this, I got a bar to run.

Bart: Haha! He's an Aserose!
Frink: Really? He posesses the properties of a pin-needle?
Bart: Look, I didn't bring a Game Boy, this is all I've got.

Alex: A N T H R A X. Anthwax!
Crowd: Awwww!
Marge: He's adorable! I'd sure like to tuck that in at night!

Homer: It's about brotherhood, it's about freedom, it's about three days since I've had one! Uh, I'm getting the shakes! And I'm getting the fries!

Lisa: Then I'll be Queen Of The World! ... of spelling. That's right Queen Of The World! ... of spelling.

George Plympton: Today's students would rather watch Ozzie Osbourne. "Look at me, I'm a drug addict, Ho ho ho"
Lisa: Some of us still enjoy scripted comedy, sir.

George: If you take a dive, we'll guarantee you a scholarship to the seven-sisters college of your choice.
Lisa: Free college!?
George: And a hot plate! It's perfect for soup!

Lisa: I suppose I could just skip college and marry Milhouse.
Milhouse Fantasy: I know this is a fantasy, but I'll take it.
Lisa: Nah, forget it.
Milhouse Fantasy: Nooo! I'll never be this happy again!

George: Okay, your word is "whether"
Girl: Um, which one? Could you use it in a sentence?
George: Certainly.. "I don't know whether the weather will improve."

Homer: Yeah, you're the number one speller in this car, or in that car, or in that car, or in.. uuh don't look at that car.

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