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EABF05: Barting Over

Lisa:Why did you wake me up!? I dreamt I was at the Kennedy Center honors.
Marge: Well, here's another low rated annual event. Spring cleaning!
barting1.mp3    59kb 

Marge:You've gotta get rid of those Furbies, they've turned feral!
barting2.mp3    31kb 

Marge:I can't believe you talked me into this!
Homer: Uh it's such a mess. Ooh! Watch the teeth!
Marge: Don't go telling your buddies at work about this.
Bart: Every tape is pumpkin carving!
barting3.mp3    63kb
Larry: Balki! You're dancing in the toilet!
Balki: What, you've never heard of flushdance?
Announcer: Perfect Strangers will return after these commercials.
barting4.mp3    59kb
Song:He's the baby who's mouth smells like death; Run for your life it's Baby Stink Breath!
barting5.mp3    52kb
Lisa: Hahaha! You're baby stink breath, you're baby stink breath! Au Francais. Vous etes bebe stink breath!
Maggie: La la la la laaa la!
barting6.mp3    51kb
Marge: Honey, you did have a great time doing those commercials, and you made a lot of money!
Bart: I did!? Where is it?
Marge: Your father invested it in a college trust fund, which today must be worth a f..
Homer: Lalalalala!
Marge: ..Of course, the stockmarket's been down lately, but there must be some sort of..
Homer: LALALALALA Nothing left Lalala..
barting7.mp3    104kb 
Bart: Promise me you wont tell anyone about it.
Milhouse: I wont. But these things have a way of getting out.
Nelson: Haha! Baby stink breath!
barting8.mp3    52kb 
Milhouse:When my mom wants to get back at my dad, she uses her lawyer.
Bart: Does it make him cry?
Milhouse: More than normal.
Kirk: Uh, hey son.. :sobs: I've got tickets for the circus :cries:
barting9.mp3    55kb 
Bart: I want a divorce from my parents!
Lawyer: You-aaaaaare!
Bart: I said I wanted a divorce from my parents!
Lawyer: Yes, I heard you I was just calling my secretary.
barting10.mp3    65kb 
Lawyer:I am here to serve you with a sapina.
Homer: Well I'm not opening the door.
Lawyer: It comes with a side of bacon.
Homer: Is it crispy?
Lawyer: Yeeees.
Homer: But not too crispy?
Lawyer: Nooo.
barting11.mp3    64kb 
Homer: Emancipated? Don't you like being a dude!?
barting12.mp3    17kb
Lawyer:Your son alleges you have an anger management problem.
Homer: Why you little! Uh.. i'm sorry judge, that's a rare lapse in my normally calm demeaner.
Judge Harm: Will the sternographer please read back the previous statement..
Sternographer: Why you little..
Homer: Why you little!
Bart: :laughs:
Homer: Why you little!
barting13.mp3    105kb 
Judge Harm:Bart Simpson, I declare you emancipated. Further, I hereby garnish Homer's wages until Bart is fully repaid.
Homer: Mmmm.. Garnish.
barting14.mp3    54kb 

Lisa: I'm gonna miss you.
Bart: Here's something to remember me by.
Lisa: Ow! Indian burn!
Bart: Look at it...
Lisa: Oooh. That's so sweet.
Bart: If i did it right, it's permanent.
barting15.mp3    56kb 

Marge: I'll miss you so much. :kisses Bart:
Cab Driver: Either give me some of that, or lets get going.
barting16.mp3    34kb 

Guy: Be quiet in there! Some of us are trying to sell drugs!
barting17.mp3    22kb 

Bart:Being a free man is great, Milhouse. I get to draw on myself with a magic marker.
Milhouse: Wow, I wish I was a free man. Mom! Where's Puppy Goo Goo? Oh Puppy Goo Goo, fetch me a dream!
barting18.mp3    76kb 

Bart: Oh! I'm gonna die in my jammies.
barting19.mp3    16kb 

Tony Hawk: Hey! Blink 182!
Mark: We have names you know!
Tony Hawk: Whatever.. you can crank it up!
Tom: Dude, lets trash this place.
Travis: After we get paid.
Tom: Niiice.
barting20.mp3    53kb 

Homer: Of all the sites on all the web.. I had to click onto his!
barting21.mp3    65kb 

Homer: For the past week I've been carrying around this bag of sugar. It's taught me how to love and care for a child!
-scene continues with sugar being Cletus's child-
barting22.mp3    117kb 

Bart: Thanks for the lift, Tony Hawk! I gotta go now, Tony Hawk. Cool guy, Tony Hawk.
Milhouse: Bart! You know Tony Hawk!
Bart: Please, I'm trying to keep it quiet. :shouts: Catch you later Tony Hawk!
Tony: Stay cool, Brat!
barting23.mp3    72kb 

Marge: Here's five dollars, buy yourself a suit and get busy.
Guy: I'll buy your suit... OF DRUGS!
barting24.mp3    53kb

Lisa: The travelling festival of rock and roll, skateboarding, and extreme sports?
Bart: And nipple piercing!
Marge: :screams like Homer:
Bart: Don't worry, they're clip-ons!
barting25.mp3    38kb 

Martin:Behold the delightful unicorn I got at the face-painting pavillion.
Jimbo: Dude, that was a tattoo parlour.
Martin: :faints, while the bullies beat him up anyway:
barting26.mp3    74kb 

Homer:Mr. Hawk, may I have a word with you?
Tony: An extreme word?
Tony: I didn't say extreme to the max!
barting27.mp3    45kb 

Tony:I'm a father myself. One day they're little shredders, the next day they're grinding and gnashing their way to college.
Homer: Yeah, I make up words too.
barting28.mp3    40kb 

Tony: This board represents the ultimate in poser technology. It gives people the illusion they have talent. Just lock your feet in and the board does all the work.
Homer: all the work?
Tony: Fine, I'll lift you onto the board too.
Homer: Do it without the attitude or don't do it at all.
barting29.mp3    97kb 

Marge: I can't count how many times your father's done something crazy like this.
Lisa: It's 300, mom.
Marge: I could have sworn it was 302.
barting30.mp3    54kb 

Woman: I represent viagragain. The topical rub for bald, impotent men.
Homer: Well, I am bald and important, where do I sign?
barting31.mp3    38kb 

Kathy: Oh Steve, you're everything a girl could want. What's your secret?
Homer: Well Kathy, I'll tell you. It's Viagra-Gain. It gives you lots of hair and what you need down there. What are you waiting for, loser?
Announcer: Possible side effects include loss of scalp and penis.
barting32.mp3    85kb 

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