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EABF01: The Great Louse Detective
Cat In The Hat: Bad posture has floogled and snozzled your neck. I'll stop talking like this if you write me a check.
Wiggum: Now Mr. Simpson, is it possible you're living a double or triple life that your wife doesn't know about.
Homer: Triple? No. Definitely no.

Wiggum: Where on my badge does it say anything about protecting people.
Lou: Er, second word, chief.
Wiggum: Thanks, Princeton Pete.
Bart/Lisa: Aaah! Sideshow Bob!
Bob: Oh come now we've been through so much together. Just call me Bob.
Bart/Lisa: Aaah! Bob!
Wiggum: And don't try taking it off because it's taped to your leg hair. And that really hurts!
Homer: If you two country hens are finished clucking, I'd like to buy a copy of Jugs and Ammo!
Homer: I'm counting the pennies in the ashtray. There's two!
Homer: Once I kill you, everyone will think I'm the real Homer!
Bob: None of this seems odd to you?
Homer: This is a way to flush this killer out once and for all! And get drunk on a Tuesday.
Marge: Today's Tuesday and you've had six beers!
Homer: But i'm not drunk!
Bob: I could just as easily drop you to your death.
Homer: Don't be so sure! I got my legs wrapped around your ass pretty tight.
Homer: Wait, Frank Grimes wasn't married, how could he have a son?
Grimes Jr.: He happened to like hookers okay.
Bob: I've grown accustomed to his face;
And dreams of gouging out his eyes.
I've grown accustomed to my hate,
My plans to lacerate,
To disembowel,
To hear him howl.
The very reason that I live,
Is plotting how to watch him die.
Homer: BART! Turn down that original cast recording and go to sleep.
Bob: I know this chubby scalawag has made my life a living Hell.
Surely if I drank his blood, I'd be at peace, but well.
Bart: You've grown accustomed to my face.
Bob: This isn't a duet.
Bart: Sorry.
Bob: I've grown accustomed to your fear,
Accustomed to revenge,
Accustomed to your face.

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