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DABF22: How I Spent My Strummer Vacation
Homer: What the, where's my money?
Marge: Dear Homie, had to buy diapers for Maggie, love Marge.
Homer: Wha?
Marge: Simpson..
Homer: Oh.
Homer: I don't care about the color of your skin Lenny. You're my friend.

Marge: I had to tell Mr. Burns that you had violent diarrhea.
Homer: Oh couldnt you come up with a less embarrassing lie?
Marge: But you did have violent diarrhea. Nobody open the hallway closet until I say it's okay.
Mick Jagger: Welcome to Rock N' Roll Fantasy Camp, where you'll experience the complete Rock N' Roll lifestyle without the lawsuits and STDs
Homer: Wooo! STDs.
Mick Jagger: And remember, Rule #1, there are no rules. Rule #2, no outside food.
Wiggum: Hey Mick, will you teach us your strut.
Mick Jagger: Not today I've got a ton of paperwork to catch up on.
Wiggum: Oh tell me about it. At my job.. oh, oh you're gone.
Homer: Isn't Mick cool. I thought he'd be all like "I'm a rockstar aren't I great" but he's just like you or me or Jesus over there!
Homer: Mr. Seltzer
Brian Setzer: Setzer.
Homer: No I think it's Seltzer.
Mick Jagger: And no matter where you are, you always say It's the wildest town in the whole damn world.
Wiggum: So when you said it in Springfield last year you didn't mean it?
Mick Jagger: Yeah sure I did, but only because Springfield really is the wildest town in the whole damn world.
Keith Richards: Just past the groupies and we're home.
Cardboard Cutouts: We love you, please sleep with us.
Keith Richards: They're bloody cardboard!
Homer: :kissing groupies: We know.
Homer: Test, test, test, you're testing my love for you. Check check, you're checking to see if I'm true. Test 1 test 2 test 3 test 4, you test me like the water in El Salvador.

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