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DABF21: Helter Shelter
Homer: I got skybox tickets, and with only 20% loss of my brain function. Life is blahbelh...
Moe: Otto, what you waiting for, get your ass on my neck!

Homer: I know, we'll stay with my very best friend in the world, Lenny.
Lenny: Hi Simpsons!
Homer: That's Lenny? Oh I wanted the black one!
Homer: 1895, forget it! We'd be too late to save Lincoln and too early to save Kennedy.
Moe: You can save McKinley.
Homer: It's not a time machine, Moe!
Cosby: Y'see I gotta get back on the tv cos with The Osbournes and the softcore porn and the dogs poopin an nobody's scoopin and the blaah aah aah.
Marge: Your school chumps are going to be so jealous of your little outfit.
Jimbo: God I wish I had that little outfit.
Kearney: Yeah those golden curls are to die for.
Moe: Telegram for Heywood U Cuddleme. Heywood U Cuddleme. Big guy in the back, Heywood U Cuddleme? Oh that little. I'm gonna drive a golden spike where your union meets your central pacific. Stop.
Homer: I can't remember the last time I cried like this.
Lisa: When you put your t-shirt on backwards?
Homer: Oh yeah. The tag chaffed my throat.
Announcer: Law and Order. Elevator Inspectors Unit.
Inspector 1: See here's the thing inspector the button for 5 doesn't light up.
Inspector 2: I think I'm gonna be sick.
Lisa: What about books.
Marge: Yeah if we read books we could form a club.
Homer: If we formed a club we could serve drinks.
Bart: Hey dad, why don't we watch you drink from a hose.
Homer: Good idea Lisa. Hmm the water's off. I'll use my eye to see what the trouble is.

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