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DABF20: Bart Vs. Lisa Vs. The Third Grade
Announcer: We're back to Touch The Stove!
Host: So Kevin I hear you collect amusing postcards.
Kevin: Yeah it all started when--
Host: Touch the stove!
Homer: Daddy knows a way to get the money. With No Risk!
Announcer: And the winner by a nose is No Risk!

Homer: Oh it's red wire to red wire. What idiot dreamed that up.
Bart: How bout the clock channel.
Announcer: Coming up on the clock channel, six o clock!
Bart: Wait a minute I saw this one.
Marge: I made a pie!
Homer: Put pie here!
Marge: Would you like some ice cream with that?
Homer: Me not pig!
Safety Crew: Say cross, walk, I'm crossin the walk and you don't stop crossin' till you're on the next block, first you look both ways, then you walk, not run. Obeyin' safety rules is acceptable fun. Break it down now. Just walk, don't run, drink juice, yum yum.
Nelson: Haha!
Teacher: Young man, you're not in this class. What are you doing here?
Nelson: Laughin' at jerks.
Marge: Kids look what I got you for your third grade field trip. Matching fanny packs! Now your fanny's match.
Nelson: Haha!
Teacher: You weren't on this field trip. How did you get here?
Nelson: Biked!
Bart: If I'm such an idiot how come I'm the smartest kid in the third grade.
Lisa: Because you've already done it once!
Bart: You've lost me.
Lisa: Oh Bart I think we're lost.
Bart: I used to be lost, until a friend turned me onto a book. A book that changed my life. It's called, Lisa Is Stupid.
Marge: Hello Principal Skinner!
Skinner: AParentWhoWaivesTheRightToSueSaysWhat?
Marge: What?
Skinner: Got it!
Skinner: We're looking. But in the meantime the class clown pro-ten will take his place.
Milhouse: Cowabunga!
Marge: The plastic casing from the top of Bart's shoelace! A mother knows.
Homer: Well he's not gonna get very far without that.

Homer: The status quo!
Milhouse: The status quo? Aye Carumba!
Skinner: That's just sad.

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