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DABF19: Treehouse Of Horror XIII
Ned: Maude! You still look as pretty as the day I buried you!
Maude: Are you ready for tales that will shatter your spine and boil your blood?
Lisa: Well duh!
Then choke on these!
Homer: I'd love to but somebody made me too many pancakes and now I have to sleep them off.
Marge: Oh, those were for the church breakfast!
Homer: Were they now.

Hammock Man: The price is 10 dollars. But I must warn you. This is no ordinary hammock. Its webbing is a mesh of comfort and evil.
Homer: You had me at hello.
Homer: You wanna be my slave?
Homer Clone: Hewwo buddee
Homer: Outstanding.
Abe: Then after World War 2, it got kind of quiet. Until Superman challenged FDR to a race around the world. FDR beat them by a furlong. Or so the comic books would have you believe. The truth lies somewhere in between :snores:
Lisa: Hmm.. does dad seem a little dumber than usual?
Bart: Me not notice.
Homer: Now, before I abandon you in this cornfield, does anyone remember the way home?
Homer Clone: I do.
Homer: :fires shotgun: Anybody else? :fires shotgun: Anybody else? Come onn. :fires shotgun: Okay, everyone out.
Moe: Now uh, who's gonna be picking up the tab?
Homer Clones: LENNY!
Lenny: Anything for Homers!
Marge: They look like you, they were rude to Patty and Selma, and the hoard has been described as very gassy...
Homer: Yeah, it's a good group.
Lisa: If not for guns, poor William Bonney might have become a doctor or a senator..
Moe: Or a frustrated novelist!
Wiggum: Well well, not so tough without your gun, are you Snake? :snake punches wiggum: Ow. I guess you are! That's what I like about this job. You learn stuff.
Lou: This always made me feel like a man, you know. Now all I've got is my enormous genitals.
Quimby: Springfield's weapons of death have been converted into weapons of climbing and sliding.
Ralph: :uses slide made of guns: The bumps tickle my bottom!
Billy The Kid: Now lets rob the bank, give the money to the poor, then rob the poor and shoot the money!

Billy: You, play the Celli. You, sing a song about Cattle rustling. And you, sing one about er.. robbing banks.
Bart: Calf's in the field so you sneak up slow, grab em by the tail and go man go.
Lisa: Break into the bank and snatch that dough.
Bart/Lisa: Please don't hurt our family.

Dr Hibbert: Now he may try to slobber on your crotch.
Homer: Heh, i've been around Scottsmen

Marge: Can you recommend some activities?
Dr. Hibbert: One activity you might enjoy is not asking questions.

Dr. Hibbert: Who'd like some Turkey. It's a lovely nerd. I mean bird.
Frink: HOOOYYYYLIC, wait a minute, now! I'm dying, aha-hey. With the basting and the butterballing and the chestnut stuffing in my puppick. Gobble gobble gobble death!

Marge: House Of Pain. This must be where you pay the bill. Why am I always so funny when no one's around.

Homer: Marge, you were like a wild beast. So veracious and prowly. And i've never seen you use your tail like that.

Homer: Oh my god! She's become a monster! Which I have to admit I sorta suspected that during the sex.

Homer: Gotta find a way to change Marge back. And replace the M&M's I took from the mini bar.

Homer: In the jungle, the creepy jungle, Homer rides a freak!

Comic Book Guy: I understand that some of you are still wearing tattered pants. Please, throw them on the bonfire and embrace your animal essence.
Chief Wiggum: Okay, but I'm keeping the tattered vest. I still have my dignity. Hey, slops! Ooh, a toenail!

Homer: You guys are nuts! All you can do is eat, and sleep, and mate, and roll around in your own filth, and mate, and eat- where do I sign up?

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