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DABF16: The Frying Game
Lenny: Yeah, you must be some kind of marriage super-genius, how about a few tips?
Homer: Certainly, Lenford. Make every day a celebration of your love. Surprise her with a pasta-salad. Put a mini beret on your wang.
Lenny: Oh, this stuff is gold.
Carl: Happy marriage, here I come.
Moe: This will really help with my speed dating! I got four hundred "no's"

Marge: I finally have a peaceful place to sit and hear my own thoughts. :thinks: How much money did he piss away on this?
Man: You're about to kill an endangered species! The scream-a-pillar, which has chosen your yard as it's own.
Homer: Fine! I wont kill it. :whispers: Finish the job!
Scream-a-pillar: :screams:
Marge: What does he want now?
Homer: If he wants to sleep with us, forget it!
Homer: I crushed that horrible bug, what shall I do!?
Evil Homer: Bury it, quickly, before anyone finds out.
Good Homer: Oooh, I'm gonna tell!
Homer: The hell you will!
Man: Why don't I hear any screaming?
Homer: Uuh, he's sleeping.
Man: Then why don't I hear any sleep-screams?
Homer: Hmm, well the thing about that is..
Judge: Next case: Duff Man versus Duff Brewing Corporation.
Duffman: Duffman's pension has been mismanaged! Oooh yeah!
Lawyer: Objection, that party-hardy additude is a registered trademark of the Duff Corporation.
Duffman: Whatever happened to fair-use. Oh!
Homer: Meals on Wheels, eat it up or I go to jail!
Old Man: Didn't these meals used to have a cobbler?
Homer: Uuh, they discontinued the cobbler.
Old Man: You smell like cobbler.
Homer: Now lets not get into who smells like what!
Homer: Please don't kill me, I wont tell anyone about the skeleton, and I can bring you more victims. Like Lenny! He go great with wild rice!
Mrs. Bellamy: Can I call you the next time I need a muscular he-man?
Homer: Hey, I'm not running an employment service, you old ba--- ohhh, you mean me? I'd be delighted.
Marge: Let me sew that up for you.
Mrs. Bellamy: Make sure you double stitch. Then do these socks.
Marge: Darn her socks. I say darn her! I'll do them and then I'm out of here.
Seymour: Uh, mother, may I read a magazine while I wait in the car?
Agnes: Don't you read enough at school, bookworm?
Marge: Oh my gosh! She's dead!
Homer: Uh.. guh.. muh... wuh.......... ssszuh?

Wiggum: Well, I'd like to thank you for co-operating with u- DID YOU DO IT!?
Marge: Chief Wiggum, Homer and I are innocent.
Wiggum: Oh, sorry Marge I can't believe I tried to trick you with such an underhan-- DID YOU DO IT!?
Marge: NO!
Homer: Now if you'll excuse us we'll just DOES THAT EVER WORK!?
Wiggum: No, never does.

Bart: Yeah, if dad killed everyone he talked about killing, would any of us be here?
Homer: You'd be dead a million times.

Moe: Well we've all got that voice in our heads telling us to kill, you just have to drown it out. :sings: I've been working on the railroad all the live-long day. Ah, that's better.

Homer: I'd kill for a beer..
Moe: Right away, sir, I don't want no trouble.
Homer: Hmmm.. I'd stab somebody for a pickle. Give me some peanuts.
Moe: Uh uh uh, you didn't say you'd kill me.
Homer: :sigh: I'll kill you if you don't give me some peanuts.

Homer: You know Chief, if you let us go there's a diamond necklace in it for you.
Wiggum: I hope you're not suggesting that I would take that necklace as a bribe. Think again, dirt bag. Because I can just swipe it later from the evidence locker!

Homer: Don't worry Marge, I'll cut us a deal by becoming the jailhouse snitch. I know who stocked up the toilet!

Bart: I'm Bart and this is Lisa.
Cletus: Dem city names, from now on you're Dengus Squatburg Jr. and Pamela E. Lee.
Lisa: But I like my old name.
Brandine: You hugh up, Dengus!

Judge: Does the defense have any closing remarks?
Gil: Not at this time, your honour.
Judge: This is the only time.
Gil: Uh, then, no.

Judge: Have you reached a verdict.
Man: Verdict? Is that what we were supposed to do?
Judge: In all my years on the bench!
Man: Cause that's what we did!
Judge: You Jury's!

Reverend Lovejoy: Nice dress.
Catholic Minister:
Oh, go home and have sex with your wife!
Reverend Lovejoy: That's it, bring it on!

Criminal: Give me your hands boss. I KILL YOU! I KILL YOU PEOPLE! I'M GONNA KILL YOU TOO! You want some cornbread Mr. Jingles? Well you can forget it. CUZ I'M GONNA KILL YOU!

Stroke Guy: Hello? Myyeeees, governor. Nooooo governor, it's not too late. Mmyyeeees, I'll tell him right away! The governor says he hopes you're a twitcher! Oh yeeesss!

Mrs. Bellamy: There never was a Mrs. Bellamy. :rips off head:
Carmen: Only me! Carmen Electra!
Homer: I knew it!
Guy: And I'm some actor they hired!
Carmen: Frame-up is Fox's latest hit! Right after No Pants Island and Fart Date.

Wiggum: And I'm gonna be in the show.
Carmen: Yes.
Wiggum: Can Ed and Lou have producer credits.
Guy: Now what are your last names?
Lou: We don't have them. We're like Cher.

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