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DABF13: I Am Furious (Yellow)
Skinner: Here to tell you about his job is Bart's friends dad, Kirk Van Houten!
Skinner: Well, we still have 56 minutes left. Any questions?
Milhouse: Do you know mom's getting remarried?
Kirk: What? But she... Uh, I think we better talk about that later, son.
Skinner: No you might as well talk about it now.

Skinner: And in a gutless act of political correctness, Pizza day will now be known as Italian American Sauce Bread day.
Cartoonist: If you freeze the frame, you can see that the chunks of barf are actually pictures of our animators, and their friends.
Cartoonist: Any questions? Yes, you.
Martin: What state does Danger Dog live in?
Cartoonist: Michigan.
Bart: Why does Danger Dog mean more to me than school or church?
Cartoonist: Because those things suck!
Homer: Eh, this'll teach that stupid chair :catches fire: Ah! I'm on fire! AAARGH, OHHH, OHHH. Oh I hope no-one's drawing this.
Radio: Don't you hate carpet stores that charge extra for the under padding?
Homer: I hate them so MUCH!
Announcer: Tonight, When Dinosaurs Get Drunk!
Homer: Oh I've been there, man.
Announcer: Has been cancelled! Instead we bring you The Boring World Of Neils Bohr!
Lisa: Bart, this is just dad.
Bart: It's a composite character. Your dad, my dad, a little of Maggie's dad.
Lisa: No, it's just dad.
Stan Lee: Hold it, son. Wouldn't you rather have an exciting action figure?
Database: Aaaah but only Batman fits in my Batmobile.
Stan Lee: Are you nuts? The Thing fits in there perfectly! Look, he's fitting right now!
Internet Man: Bart, I'm not a woman, and I can't have babies. But I can give life to animated internet cartoons. Let me show you one of our hottest shows: Bin Laden in a Blender.
Bin Laden: AAAAHHH!
Lisa: Well, it delivers what it promises.
Internet Man: Bart, meet the voice of Angry Dad.
Bart: Okay, lets hear it.
Voice Man: Well, I was thinking of something like.. :puts on exact Homer voice: I'm a big fat idiot!
Bart: Wow, I think we have our angry dad!
Voice Man: Woohoo! When do I get paid.
Internet Man: In 2012.
Voice Man: D'oh!
Krusty: There's only one way my show can compete with this. Book that animal that always chomps on my groin!
Secretary: Susan Antoine?
Krusty: No! The Lemur!

Homer: Stupid Bart Toon. Hehehe, Bart-toon, that's clever! I'm gonna kill him!

Moe: Look at me, I'm Angry Dad! :drives into a pole, car catches fire, Moe laughs while in pain:

Homer: I'm just passionate, like all us greeks.
Marge: No, you're angry. Look, you're punching the cat right now.
Homer: Oh my god, you're right!

Homer: I'm a rage-aholic! I just can't live without rage-ahol!

Homer: Very well, I'm not going to be Angry Dad for one day longer. I'm giving up anger forever.
Marge: If you ask me, you should give up fatty foods!
Homer: I said anger!

Ned: Here's a preview: :sings: God said to Noah, build yourself an arky-arky. Animals came on by, onesies and twosies twosies, elephants and kangaroosies roosies!

Bart: Good idea, you can speak nerd to them!
Milhouse: I'm not a nerd, Bart. Nerds are smart.

Homer: :sings: They call me mellow yellow, quite rightly! This fellow never bellows, quite rightly!

Bart: Thank god his pants stayed on.

Stan Lee: He can't be the Hulk! I'm the Hulk! Arrrrgh. Raaarrr!
Comic Book Guy: Oh please, you couldn't even transform into Bill Bixby.

Dr. Hibbert: If Bart's trap hadn't set Homer off, the anger would have overwhelmed Homer's system.
Marge: You mean I shouldn't punish Bart at all?
Dr. Hibbert: Why if anything, he should punish you!

Homer: Who knew that anger was saving my life.
Bart: Say it, don't spray it.
Homer: You're trying to make me angry! Thankyou.
Bart: You're not welcome.
Homer: Grr. I love you, boy.
Bart: Haha, you love a boy!
Homer: Stop it, now!
Bart: If you love me so much, why don't you marry me? Haha, that's a good one.

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