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DABF07: The Lastest Gun In The West
Stroke Guy: Excuse me, my refrigeration unit is broken. Could you possibly eat some free ice cream?
Bart: What flavour?
Stroke Guy: Why super-chocolate of course.Oh yeeesss!
Bart: Mom, a dog ate my clothes.
Marge: Nice try, but we're still going to Riverdance!

Lisa: You know that new baby brother Ralph's been bragging about? It's just a pinecone!
Homer: Eh, I'm sick of this tarzan movie.
Lisa: Dad, it's a documentary on the homeless.
Homer: Oh, right.
Milhouse: Anyone wanna be my new best friend?
Ralph: I will!
Milhouse: Great. Finally I'll be the dominant one.
Ralph: Be quiet!
Milhouse: Yes sir.
Marge: Hurry up Bart, or you'll be late to be killed by the dog.
Bart: What?
Marge: I said you'll be late for school.
Bart: Eat my short stories.
Bart: Ah, safe at last. Now I'll just turn around and confirm that safety...
Buck: Hold onto your hat, son, you're talking to Buck McCoy!
Bart: Who?
Buck: Eheheh.. yeeeeah that's right, Buck McCoy, the most famous movie cowboy in the world.
Bart: No kidding.
Buck: I'll show you a trick that you can use on dogs. Also worked on David O'Sellsnick.
Bart: Who?
Buck: Eheheh.. yeeeeah, that's right, the David O'Sellsnick.
Buck: Frank the Wonderhorse was in 24 of my pictures. :horse stamps ground: and directed one.
Bart: Buck McCoy helped me.
Abe: Buck McCoy!? He was the greatest of them all. He was bigger than opium!
Lisa: I met one of my heroes today, she started the..
Abe: Buuuuuuuuck McCoy! I still carry this. Junior Buckaroo, second class. Little Grampa Simpson.
Bart: What's this lunchbox made of?
Buck: Well, back in my day we had a thing called metal. Everything was made of it. Lunchboxes, cars, you name it.
Bart: Me-tal
Bart: Everything tastes better when it's lasso'ed.
Milhouse: Would you lasso me a banana?
Buck: Now how the hell would I do that?

Marge: Aww, Homie, you'll always be my western hero.
Homer: Swell.

Abe: Don't listen to them, Buck. It's an ambush. They're trying to jump your claim.
Marge: Take him outside!
Abe: I love you Buuuuuuuuuck.

Lisa: Gee, Buck, your old films are as violent as todays.
Homer: One of the wheels broke off my chair today. But I didn't make a movie about it.

Bart: I was thinkin' this could be a new fad.
Martin: What about Hawaiian shirts!
Milhouse: Hey, you're not fun, you're fat!

Kent: This is Kent Brockman here at Springfield Elementary, where a new Western craze is sweeping the campus.
Lisa: I'm Annie Oakley.
Nelson: I'm Kevin Costner in one of his Western roles.
Ralph: I'm a gultch.
Kent: So I guess you could say, this barely qualifies as news.

Apu: Oh give me land, lots of land under starry skies above.
Kids: Don't fence me in.
Apu: Sir you cannot pee, unless you are an employee..
Homer: Can't keep it in.

Buck: Now listen missy, the last two city slickers who used reverse psychology on me are pushing up dasies.
Bart: They're dead?
Buck: No, they've just got lousy jobs.

Bart: Boy, that's some fancy shooting.
Homer: I've seen fancier.

Krusty: You'll do fine. Just remember, there'll be millions of people watching you. :Buck sips whiskey: Millllions! :sips more: and TV Guide's 'Cheers And Jeers' editor. And he's already given out all his Cheers. :drinks some more:

Krusty: We've got such a great show tonight. I wont be doing a monologue because my feet hurt. And now, our opening sketch.

Bart: He's drunk!
Homer: I've seen drunker.

Homer: Bart, I couldn't help noticing Buck is a total fraud. So I took the liberty of creating a new hero for your wall.
Bart: That is just grotesque.

Buck: I'm sorry to let your son down, but I'm too old to change.
Homer: Oh, listen to you, "ooh.. ooh... I'm too old to chaaange. :cries:" How old are you?
Buck: Seventy six.
Homer: Nice old man.. don't.. break a hip!

Drunk Man: I was drinkin so much I forgot what life was about. Gold! Beautiful gold! Nuggets as big as your fists!

Buck: Look, I've worked long and hard, got rich, and now I'm retired. Why shouldn't I be able to drink all I want?
Marge: Well, I dunno. I just naturally assumed it was some of my business.
Buck: Well I don't see how it is, nobody's even told me your name.

Wiggum: Uh, please, everyone, stay away. We don't want anyone to be a hero.. a hero... A HERO!
Homer: :picks up phone: Get me Buck McCoy!
Lisa: Dad, I'm on the line.

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