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DABF06: The Bart Wants What It Wants
Guy: Give it up, Mr. Simpson, we know you have the olympic torch!
Marge: For god sakes Homer, give them back their flame!
Homer: No! The olympics have pre-empted my favorite shows for the last time!
Bart: You can always find your favorite shows next month..
Homer: You wait till next month, you wait till next month.
wants1.mp3    72kb 
Homer: I'm bored.... HEY, a fair!
wants2.mp3    27kb 

Homer: Is that your beer tent? :points:
Principal: :whips Homer: Monkey's point...
Homer: :sniffs: Monkey's cry!
wants3.mp3    26kb
Homer:Hey Marge, watch me burn Flanders. Ned Flanders bids fifty dollars. Hehehehehehe.
Announcer: And the winner of the hundred dollar bill is Ned Flanders...
Homer: OOHHH!
wants4.mp3    63kb
Bart: Those weren't bullies. That's a bully!
Nelson: Hey Butler, stop butling yourself!
wants5.mp3    44kb
Rainier:Bart, your little tie makes me smile...
Bart: Excuse me, but you don't sound as tough as you do in the movies..
Rainier: If you don't shut your big yap, I will rip off your face and use it as a napkin.
wants6.mp3    57kb
Rainier: :silencing Bart and Greta: Laughing time is over...
wants7.mp3    27kb 
Greta: What's your house like?
Bart: Oh, it's okay. My bed is stuffed with hay.
Greta: :giggles: Bart, you're so funny..
Bart: He he..... :depressed: Yeah.
wants8.mp3    45kb 
Lisa: Mom, isn't there anything vegetarian?
Rainier: Hahaha Homer, I see your daughter is one of those whale kissing moon maidens.
Homer: Hehe, yeah one time she... oh she's looking at us.. be cool :starts humming:
wants9.mp3    75kb 
Rainier: :to pie: Remember when I said I'd eat you last? I lied...
wants10.mp3    26kb 
wants11.mp3    17kb 
Milhouse: I'm wearing my bathing suit under my pants.
Greta: Umm, you wanna go swimming?
Milhouse: Okay, but you'll have to watch me dive.
Greta: Fine..
Milhouse: Do you promise?
Bart: Just go!
Milhouse: :runs for pool, laughing:
Bart: Oh, he'll sleep tonight.
wants12.mp3    86kb
Rainier:This looks like a job for my authorized lookalike...
Chuck: Hi, I'm Chuck, I live in his trunk.
Moe: So how much do you lookalike's make? Cuz some say I look like Macauley Culkin :does famous Home Alone mirror scene: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
wants13.mp3    80kb 
Homer: Ouch, I sat on something sharp!
Rainier: That's just Lara Flynn-Boyle
Homer: Hehehe.. I have a "Boyle" on my ass!
wants14.mp3    43kb 

Bart: This is the biggest thing that's happened to me since chocolate milk!
Milhouse: They've got chocolate milk now?!
wants15.mp3    24kb 

Lisa: And where were you?
Homer: :ashamed: Cock fight...
wants16.mp3    21kb 

Wiggum: :crying: Lou you can't leave the force I can change!
Lou: I just think there's more money in private security..
Wiggum: What I'm hearing is... I'm too fat! :cries while stuffing down ice cream: Aren't I?
wants17.mp3    82kb 

Greta: I can't believe he dumped me!
Rainier: In my movies, this is where I would go berserk.
Greta: Dad, this isn't a movie!
Rainier: No. Let my muscles hug you...
wants18.mp3    71kb 

Bart: Milhouse... Greta!? Well no one has to draw me a picture.
Milhouse: Oh, but I did :hands Bart picture:
Bart: Greta, is this how it is?
Greta: Yes, except he kissed me in the eye.
wants19.mp3    60kb 

Lisa: You only want her because someone else has her.
Bart: Prove it, using examples from this room.
Lisa: Alright, look. Maggie is not playing with this ball right now, but look what happens when I take it. :Maggie reaches for ball: See...
Bart: Gimme the ball! Gimme the ball!
wants20.mp3    71kb 

Rainier:Leave a message at the beep. :aggressive: But don't be a message monster hogging all my tape!
wants21.mp3    26kb 

Greta: I'm leaving in ten minutes, my dad's shooting a movie in Toronto.
Bart: You're going to Spain!?
wants22.mp3    24kb 

Homer: Canada? Why should we leave America to visit America Junior?
wants23.mp3    21kb 

Lisa: Dad, no! It says don't walk!
Homer: Doesn't matter, they have free health care :car hits HomerI: AAAAH I'm rich!
wants24.mp3    32kb

Marge: Oh, I see you drive on the left up here?
Man: No ma'am, I'm drunk.
wants25.mp3    23kb 

Bart: I dunno dad, what if she's still mad at me?
Homer: Listen to me, son. No one loves a quitter, so you go over there and win her back!
Bart: But she might say no!
Homer: Oh I quit, there's no convincing you. I'm gonna take a nap.
wants26.mp3    70kb 

Milhouse: She's with the 'house, now!
wants27.mp3    14kb 

Man:Well, we've seen some wild sweeping here today.
Woman: Yes, the broom handling has been truly dazzling.... What's this? Two young yankee doodles have turned this match into a dandy..
Man: Hah hah hah, both our viewers must be thrilled.
wants28.mp3    83kb 

Milhouse: You're breaking up with me? Why?
Greta: I guess I was just looking for someone more... masculine.
Milhouse: I told you, I don't know how that scrunchee got in my hair.
wants29.mp3    51kb 

Milhouse: I can't believe we're on the Canadian olympic basketball team.
Bart: Yep, it's just that easy :throws ball but misses hoop:
Player: Wow, that was close, you can be the center.
wants30.mp3    52kb 

Skinner: How come you always run out of tardy slips before you run out of permission slips?
Nelson: How come you suck!?
Skinner: Uh... I lack confidence.
wants31.mp3    89kb 

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