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DABF04: Half-Decent Proposal
Comic Book Guy: Oh Jar Jar, everyone hates you but me :kisses doll:
proposal1.mp3    23kb 
Dr. Hibbert:Here's what it costs :hands Homer a note:
Homer: Interesting... here's my counter offer :scribbles 'do it for free' on a note and hands it to Dr. Hibbert:
Dr. Hibbert: Ahehehehehehe.. get out.
proposal2.mp3    51kb 

Homer: :snores "Snooooort - emimimimimimimimim":
proposal3.mp3    40kb
Patty:Great, we'll have a girl's night! No bra's!
proposal4.mp3    32kb
Woman 1:
If I'm not having sex by the end of this goat cheese casavia, I'm going to scream.
Woman 2: I also enjoy sex.
Woman 3: Since this morning I've had sex with a New York Knick, two subway cops, and a guy who works on Wall Street.
Woman 4: Broker?
Woman 3: Nah, she's just really sore!
:all women laugh at her joke, a waiter joins in:
Patty: This is so like our lives!
Selma: Yeah! It's like they hid a camera in our apartment.
proposal5.mp3    119kb
Announcer:Coming up next on BHO, it's ARLI$$!
Marge/Selma/Patty: AAAH! :all reach for remote:
proposal6.mp3    21kb
Kent Brockman: Artie made megabucks with a revolutionary invention, a converter that changes that horrible modem noise into easy listening music.
Artie: Also available with lyrics! :singing to "Hey There, Georgie Girl": Hey com-puter geek, you will be connected in no time.
Selma: What a catch!
proposal7.mp3    94kb 
Marge: Dear Artie.
Selma: Dear Hottie!
Marge: Congratulations on your recent TV appearance.
Selma: I wanna sex you up! Your love slave, Marge.
Marge: :gasp: You can't use the word "Sex" on the internet!
Selma: Watch me! :clicks send:
Marge: :gasps loudly:
proposal8.mp3    91kb 
Artie:A note from Marge Simpson? Well, isn't that a coincidence. I was just thinking about her.... for the last twenty years!
proposal9.mp3    58kb 
Lisa: Hey, a helicopter is landing on our lawn.
Bart: Let's approach with caution. :the family run outside, except Homer:
Homer: Hehehe, unguarded breakfasts, the sweetest taboo!
proposal10.mp3    70kb 
Artie:You can't spell Party without Artie! If you misspell party! Or.. Artie.
proposal11.mp3    33kb 
Homer: Hey Marge! It's that guy who couldn't get any off you!
Artie: How would you all like to take a ride with me?
Homer: Eh, you're the old flame.
proposal12.mp3    37kb
Artie: I often wonder what life with Marge would have been like.
Homer: It's like being married to my best friend, and he lets me feel his boobs.
proposal13.mp3    47kb 
Homer: Oooh, a million dollars. Wait a minute, how much sex would be involved? Cuz if it's some...
Artie: No, no no.
proposal14.mp3    42kb 

Sea Captain: You'll win her yet, Artie. I mean eh... Arrrrr-tie.
proposal15.mp3    26kb 

Marge: I'll get used to the snoring, just like I got used to saying "Courtney Cox-Arquette"!
proposal16.mp3    26kb 

Homer: Oh, I'm so sorry. :snores:
Marge: Are you snoring while you're awake?
Homer: Uh :snores: huh! :snores:
proposal17.mp3    48kb 

Homer: Okay Ziff, you get her for the weekend, but no funny stuff! And by funny stuff I mean hand holding, goo goo eyes, misdirected wu, which is pretty much any John Wu film.
Artie: Your wife's virtue shall remain as untouched as Bill Gates' weight room.
proposal18.mp3    81kb 

Homer: Wait, you really think Marge is gonna fall for this guy? Even after I bought her that hockey fight tape!?
Carl: I'd dump your ass!
Lenny: Me too!
Moe: Yeah, I can't get Artie out of my head. He's like a spy in the house of Moe.
Homer: Oh god, you're right! I've gotta get her back before it's too late!
proposal19.mp3    74kb 

Homer: Oh no! If Marge marries Artie, I'll never be born!
proposal20.mp3    31kb 

Homer: Oh gosh it was horrible! I saw Marge kissing a far superior man.
Moe: Well if it makes you feel any better, he's probably doing her right now.
proposal21.mp3    49kb 

Homer: Lenny, how would you like to leave town with me and never come back?
Lenny: Sounds like a plan!
Homer: Then it's settled! We leave Springfield forever! :the two walk out the door, while Carl comes out from the Men's room:
Carl: What did I miss, anything good?
proposal22.mp3    60kb 

Cab Driver: That's nine hundred and twelve dollars.
Marge: Send the bill to Baron Von Kissalot!
Cab Driver: No problemo!
-somewhere in a medievil castle-
Servant: This just arrived here, Baron!
Baron: Okay, who's da vise guy!?
proposal23.mp3    67kb 

Homer: Marge, If you're watching this, then it means I've figured out how to work the camera.
proposal24.mp3    26kb

Homer: I'm leaving you Marge. The next time you see my name will be in the hobo obituaries. Don't worry about the kids, I'll drop them off with Patty and Selma.
Bart: Patty and Selma? Screw that!
Homer: Just run the camera you little...!
proposal25.mp3    69kb 

Lenny: I know what you're going through. We're coming up to Mount Carlmore. I carved that one wonderful summer.
Homer: What did Carl think?
Lenny: You know, we've never discussed it.
proposal26.mp3    57kb 

Homer: This job will be perfect. I'm gonna leave this world the way I entered it. Dirty, screaming, and torn away from the woman I love.
Lenny: Quick and pointless, that's the death for me.
proposal27.mp3    51kb 

Lisa: He must have taken a job in the West Springfield Oil Patch. That's practically a death sentence!
Marge: :gasps:
Grampa: What happened now? Homer bowled a 300 game!?
Marge: Grampa, that happened a year and a half ago!
proposal28.mp3    57kb 

Artie:You own Marge's heart, and that's something I could never buy.
Homer: Woohoo! :climbs ladder, looks back for Lenny:
Lenny: There's nothing on that helicopter for me!
Carl: Don't be so sure!
Lenny: :gasps: Carl Carlson!
proposal29.mp3    68kb 

Homer:Goodnight honey. :snores, Marge turns his Snore converter on , "sweet dreams are made of these" begins to play:
Artie: He's a loser Marge, dump him! :sings: I travelled the world and the seven seas, I am watching you through a camera!
proposal30.mp3    108kb 

Homer:Oh! I can't take his money, I can't print my own money, I have to work for money. Why don't I just lie down and die?
proposal31.mp3    44kb 

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