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CABF18: A Hunka Hunka Burns In Love
Bart: Ah yeah I'll have the shark butt with butt sauce!
Marge: Bart!
Waiter: Oh excellent choice sir!
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Lisa: Um, how is the feast of twelve delights with triple happiness sauce?
Waiter: Very disappointing.
Lisa: Then I'll have the sweet and sour rice.
Waiter: Oh very good. Is there any way we can enhance your dining experience by hurting an animal?
Lisa: No!
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Homer: These fortunes are terrible. They're supposed to predict stuff and ease you through times of doubt and sickness.
Manager: Well with all due respect sir I suppose you could come up with better fortunes?
Homer: You will be aroused by a shampoo commercial.
Manager: That's not bad!
hunka3.mp3    132kb
Manager: This gentleman here can write better fortunes than all of you put together. Show them!
Homer: Okay lets see, um... The price of stamps will climb ever higher.
hunka4.mp3    99kb
Homer: You will invent a humerous toilet lid; You will find true love on flag day; Your store is being robbed, Apu. Are you getting all this, Lisa?
Lisa: I.. don't know.
hunka5.mp3    96kb
Lenny: You are a real winner. That fortune really nailed me! And my winning ways!
hunka6.mp3    52kb
Sea Captain: You will take a short sea voyage... Yarr, I'll enjoy that!
hunka7.mp3    38kb 
Burns: Fourteen dollars and ten... eleven.. twelve cents. There you go!
Guy: You know sir, tipping is customary.
Burns: Ooh, me sorry. Me no speak-e chinee.
hunka8.mp3    69kb 
Burns: This cookie feels heavy as if there's some paper inside. :Burns struggles to break cookie, but a snap is heard:
Skinner: Nice job, sir!
Burns: That was my thumb!
hunka9.mp3    67kb 
Burns: You will find true love on Flag Day. Why it's Flag Day today :gasp: True love at last!
Skinner: Well it's just you and me here, sir!
Burns: No time for jokes, Smithers. Come along, we're going womanizing.
Skinner: Oh goodie.
hunka10.mp3    108kb 
Burns: Great heavens! It's one of those nude female fire stations! I'd always be second place to some kitten stuck in a tree. Let's go Smithers.... Smithers?
Smithers: :stuck in corner with 3 women: Ugh... help!.. Help!
hunka11.mp3    97kb 
Gloria: You're a nice guy, Monty. You're always laughing and denting your fingers. I like that.
Burns: Excellent!
Gloria: And you're so upbeat. You think everything's excellent!
hunka12.mp3    85kb
Gloria: I really feel safe with you. It's like going out with my brother.
Burns: :thinking: Yes! It's going great!
hunka13.mp3    36kb 
Gloria: So.. what are you into?
Burns: In.. to?
Gloria: Yeah like.. what's a fun day for a hundred and four year old.
Burns: Oh I enjoy all the popular youth trends like uh.. piloting motor coaches and uuuh... collecting dog waste!
hunka14.mp3    122kb 

Burns: Tell my young sweetheart here of our youthful exploits.
Homer: Uuuummmm.
Burns: Play along, chubsy. There's a pie in it for you.
Homer: Oh! Yeah! Monty's a wild man!
hunka15.mp3    93kb 

Burns: Well done, young man. Your youthfull trendiness will come in handy throughout the process. Because these days you d.... Where did you get that pie?
Homer: Window cell.
Old Lady: Daaaaaahaar You!
hunka16.mp3    85kb 

Burns: Put my hand on her knee.
Homer: Yes, Mr. Burns.
Burns: I said her. And I said knee!
Homer: Oh! Sorry...
hunka17.mp3    64kb 

[ Marge and Homer after loudly making love. The kids heard, as well as Flanders next door ]
hunka18.mp3    74kb 

Carl: Burns looks happy today. Watch me take advantage of his good mood. Uuh, Mr. Burns. Can I have a raise?
Burns: Clean out your desk, you're gone!
Carl: Well, I had a good run.
hunka19.mp3    86kb 

Burns: Once again my dear you've beaten two strapping young bucks!
Gloria: Excellent!
Burns: Did you hear that? That "excellent" was... Excellent!
hunka20.mp3    73kb 

Burns: Back in a moment my dear we have to umm... expell some urine!
hunka21.mp3    36kb 

Gloria: Monty! It's beautiful!
Homer: :excited: Oh my god oh my god oh my god!!!
hunka22.mp3    41kb 

Snake: You're looking good, baby. Why did we ever break up?
Gloria: You pushed me out of a moving car!
Snake: The cops were chasing us I needed to lighten the load. And, um.. protect you. Ha ha.
hunka23.mp3    99kb 

Homer: Let go of her! Or I'll scream. AAh! AHHHHH! AAAH!
hunka24.mp3    28kb

Snake: I'm gonna win you back even if I have to pistol whip this guy all night.
Homer: Pistol whip!? :daydreams: Mmmm.. pistol whip!
hunka25.mp3    86kb 

Burns: How could this ever have happened?
Kent: Well according to our audience insta-poll, 46% say you're too old. And 37% say: she's a skank!
hunka26.mp3    62kb 

Wiggum: We'll track down Simpson with your vehicles anti-theft system.
System: Car gone! Car gone!
Wiggum: Yeah, we know that. Where has it gone to?
System: Cargon! Cargon! Cargon!
hunka27.mp3    73kb 

Lou: Uh chief, this yokel says he saw Simpson drivng out near hicktown.
Cletus: Yuh-huh! My peepers don't lie!
Wiggum: That's nice work, Lou. Lock him up.
Cletus: Huh? Hey! Hey I want that lawyer what wears a cowboy hat!
hunka28.mp3    99kb 

Snake: Get off my lawn, coppers! Or I'll totally turn the sprinklers on!
Wiggum: Come on, Snake. You don't wanna soak all these people!
hunka29.mp3    71kb 

Wiggum: Well we have an officer sneaking around the house Kent, so unless they have a television in there or can hear my loud talking.. :gunshot is heard: Eh...
Cop: Ow! Ow! Ow!
Wiggum: Well I guess that answers that, doesn't it.
hunka30.mp3    80kb 

Wiggum: It's too dangerous. But I've got a sister you might like! She's completely hairless like those cats.
Burns: I don't care if she's Miss Hairless America. I'm spoken for. Step aside, I'll save Gloria myself.
hunka31.mp3    86kb 

Wiggum: No offence but you're a decripped monkey skeleton!
Burns: Perhaps! But this monkey skeleton is in love!
hunka32.mp3    49kb 

Kent: I know you've been through a lot, Ma'am. But we need you to stand in front of the burning house and say "Channel Six is Hot Hot Hot!"
hunka33.mp3    48kb 

Burns: Never forget Homer. There's no muscle stronger than the human heart.
Homer: What about the weiner? A guy on TV lifted a can of paint with his!
hunka34.mp3    92kb 

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